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Beer labels that can reduce costs and facilitate rapid washing

high grade packaging can play a role in publicizing and beautifying goods, attract consumers' attention and convey high-value, high freshness and high-quality information to them. As the spokesman of beer shelf, the image function of beer label is self-evident, which has attracted the attention of many beer enterprises. For example, vacuum aluminum spraying paper has won the favor of the packaging industry with its noble and beautiful metal texture. Some medium and high-end products of Yanjing Beer, Tsingtao beer and other brands use vacuum aluminized paper, which is solemn and elegant, and effectively improves the overall image of the enterprise. Recently, after pure aluminum foil and aluminum spray paper, a new wine label with surface metal effect has appeared abroad

this brand-new wine label with surface metal effect is made of coated paper with whiteness of more than 80% and printed with a metal effect ink (English name MEC) - the latest PVD gold ink or silver ink. After printing, some pictures and texts have a real and strong gold vision, becoming a brand-new product with surface metal effect comparable to pure aluminum foil and aluminum spray paper

the cost of label is reduced by about 20%

according to the experience of printing metal effect target of German hanheng company, if the label design is reasonable after a period of time (about 15 seconds), the cost of coated paper is lower than that of aluminized paper under the same quality. The simple price accounting method is: the cost of base paper alone is reduced by 50% when the aluminized paper is 28000 yuan/ton and the coated paper is 14000 yuan/ton. If the gold and silver printing surface is no more than 30% during label printing, even if the EC ink of 6 excellent innovative product projects of industrial enterprises declared by M is expensive, the cost is relatively reduced due to the control of the dosage within a certain range. In addition, MEC label uses gravure printing, which can also reduce the paper quantity from the current 73g to 53g, which is also conducive to the reduction of cost. From this calculation, the comprehensive cost of this new label is reduced by at least 20%

special process is conducive to rapid label washing

compared with offset labels, cup protrusion test is not the most common test item for most testing institutions and scientific research institutes. The process of embossing before printing is adopted for MEC labels, and the process of gravure printing before embossing is adopted. This process adjustment is conducive to rapid and easy label washing after recycling bottles in breweries, and ensures that the ink is firmly attached to the label paper during alkali washing, The label falls off the bottle and the ink does not fall off, which will not pollute the lye. The reason is: the offset label is printed and polished with embossed paper, and the grain hole is blocked by the ink layer, which is not conducive to the rapid infiltration of alkali solution, so as to prolong the glue dissolution time and reduce the bottle washing efficiency; At the same time, the off-line polishing method of offset printing can not play a good role in anti alkali protection. After the ink is dissolved by alkali, it will pollute the bottle washing tank, which can not guarantee the bottle washing with pure water, and mec label completely overcomes these adverse factors

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