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In recent years, the rapid development of the real estate industry has provided a good opportunity for the development of the door and window industry. According to statistics, the completed housing construction area in China is about 1.5 billion square meters to 2 billion square meters every year. According to the calculation that the area of doors accounts for about 10% of the building area, and doors and windows account for about 2/3 of all door products, there will be more than 100 million square meters of potential shopping malls for doors and windows every year. The current production capacity of doors and windows in China is less than 500000 tons (about 30million square meters of door and window area), and there is still half of the blank space to be filled in domestic door and window shopping malls

the prospect is so bright, but most enterprises in door and window shopping malls are only in a state of food and clothing or even loss. If they want to survive, they are bound to increase the competition. It can be said that the professional appearance of doors and windows is peaceful, but behind it is a turbulent competition format. Therefore, it is necessary for door and window enterprises to seize the opportunity to prevent being shuffled out in the general environment of career development

1. Seize the opportunity

seize the opportunity, which requires door and window enterprises to keenly understand the market opportunity and act in time. When steel and wood doors are liked by ordinary families in cities because of their practical and affordable characteristics, enterprises that predict momentum have become experts in this field and won with their planning. When solid wood doors and raw wood doors are popular with people seeking quality of life, enterprises that produce such products first have already become the biggest beneficiaries. Another example is civilized wooden doors, post-modernism art wooden doors, environmental protection wooden doors, etc. when each kind of wooden door triggered a trend in practicality, planning or timber, some enterprises seized the opportunity to grow rapidly

2. Improving the software and hardware resources of the enterprise is the guarantee for its smooth development. Soft lies in the equipment of talents and the support of the government. Talents are the foundation of a strong enterprise. Talents play an important role in both production and processing and operation. The support of the local government is the help wing for the development of enterprises. Hard, lies in the production equipment, plant and other hard environment of the enterprise. Hardware and software balance equipment is an important guarantee for the rapid development of enterprises

3. Skill innovation, casting fine products

products are the main body of occupying shopping malls. The effect of good products in the process of enterprises occupying shopping malls is self-evident. Imported equipment with active painting skills is a hot potato in today's door and window industry. If door and window enterprises want to save production costs, they should be good at using active machines, cooperating and innovating skills, and casting fine customized furniture

4. The way is the king, and the terminal

the door and window profession belongs to the building materials profession, which has the characteristics of "the way is the king". After all, door and window enterprises sell their products to consumers through channels, especially through stores. Although the foundation of enterprise management is to produce and sell products, after that, it needs comprehensive support from many aspects to give full play to the advantages of enterprise operation. Building a stable and good way is the top priority to ensure the normal operation of enterprises. The brand pays attention to protecting the relationship between dealers and tries its best to support the operation of dealers. For example, providing intellectual support for the marketing of dealers' malls can help franchisees achieve better results in the right way. For dealers, such as their own brothers and sisters, it can further improve the image of enterprises and attract more investors to join

conclusion: in the gloomy environment of all home shopping malls, door and window enterprises need to learn more advanced production skills to provide consumers with more cost-effective products with quality and quantity in order to maintain a stable development. Only enterprises that can withstand the "cold wave" attack can be called the leader of the door and window industry





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