Teach you how to decorate old people's houses

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The decoration of the old people's room should be aimed at facilitating the life of the old people: the bed should be placed as close to the door as possible, and there should be no obstacles from the bed to the door, so as to facilitate the old people to get up at night. Let's take a look at the precautions of the old people's room

choose non slip flooring materials

· The bathroom floor must choose anti-skid materials. The bathroom floor paved with small pieces of mosaic is more anti-skid than other materials

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· Various non slip floor mats can be placed at the door of the bathroom, inside and outside the bathtub. The floor of the bedroom is also best to choose non slip materials. Otherwise, once the smooth floor tile or wooden floor is accidentally sprinkled with water, it is very easy for the old man to slip

· For families that have laid ordinary floor tiles or wood floors, you can choose a few more decorative carpets, which not only beautify the space, but also ensure the safety of the elderly




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