How to complete the task of selling excellent alum

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Only when a company sells its products can it finish the return from input to output. Selling is related to the occurrence of economic benefits of the company, and it is the most important link in all activities of the company, and the most critical link is invented by the top front-line salesperson. What should the door and window salesmen do to finish the sale mission? Let's have a look with the window editor of guanhaomen

the beginning of success for salespersons with low self-esteem

most salespersons who have just started selling will be incoherent and hurried when they meet customers for the first time. It's not strange. When we just sell, we will be silly and confused by customers

what makes salespeople lack pride? Speaking out, we may all understand that it's just that we are usually shy of speaking, and always feel that dwarfs are three-thirds. Let's analyze the psychological root of inferiority complex

how can the door and window salesperson finish the sale mission beautifully

people have no distinction between high and low, only the salesperson's mind is making trouble. Therefore, in the face of people who are higher than themselves, they should raise their heads, straighten their chests, and communicate easily and naturally. Let's go to hell with inferiority complex. Being a proud person first is the beginning of a salesperson's success

three processes of change, innovation and success

a wandering horse once accidentally broke into the desert interior. When it found itself lost in the desert, it was very anxious. What shall I do? At this time, fenma is faced with three choices:

first, keep moving forward and find the future at the fastest speed. The second is to brake in time, reverse direction, and find the way back with the hoof prints. But there is a possibility that some hoof prints have been buried by the sand, and I'm afraid they will be lost. The survival rate of this method is up to 50%. Third, the horse stopped temporarily for rest, found some desert vegetation that could be eaten, made up for the energy of the body, and looked for a passing companion nearby in time. Later, the horse adopted the third method. Finally, the camel's bell, the boat of the desert, came from a distance. The horse was finally led out of the desert by a team of camels

in fact, the salesperson is lost and in trouble. Presumably, there must be similar people who are inadvertently in the same dilemma as themselves. Everyone has the time to make mistakes and get confused. A horse can walk out of the desert, not on a horse path, but on a camel path. This is to break through the conventional thinking, find new partners and take a new path. The same is true of people. When they are in trouble, they must ask themselves: have I sought change, innovation and difference? Have I improved my ability? Change is the first step of success, difference is the second step, and innovation is the third step

learn from Li Yunlong's energy and decide to fight back

facing fleeting business opportunities, we should decide to adopt methods. If we don't deal with them in time and eliminate hidden dangers, it is very likely to become a disaster for the company. If we still write a statement at this moment, fax it to the superior department, and then the superior department continues to upload it, it happens that many leaders are not in, and the cucumber and vegetables are cold after waiting for a few days

the company doesn't want people who can fight, but people who can win the war. As long as we do a good job in the shopping mall and the company makes profits, there are some things that offend the "tiantiao". At most, we should commit crimes and make contributions, and the merits and demerits should be balanced

when fighting, Li Yunlong in "light sword" rarely follows the instructions of his superiors, but he can often catch the fighter, pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages, and exchange the smallest cost for greater success. The salesperson of the door and window company should learn from Li Yunlong's energy and decide to fight back

have the courage to bear challenges and responsibilities

the meaning of taking on heavy responsibilities has two aspects: first, the salesperson can bear high-intensity, high mission and other challenging operations; The second is to have the courage to shoulder responsibilities and face reality

the former tests the salesperson's stress resistance ability and mental quality. The business mission given by the company will generally exceed your bottom line. If you are complacent and timid, it will be difficult to finish your mission; If the salesperson is like a wolf, facing the pressure directly, advancing despite difficulties, and adopting a reasonable and effective tactical combination, it will be a spectacle

the latter is the embodiment of the salesperson's sense of responsibility and moral quality. Responsible mall personnel will serve the company, their superiors, and their own employees. Such a mall staff, the company is determined, the superiors trust, and the employees are convinced. For us, such salesmen have a sense of security

in a word, the salesperson of the door and window company should be the same as the "wolf", have a certain sense of pride, dare to meet challenges and bear their own responsibilities. In the face of difficulties, we should know how to change ourselves, find differences, and solve problems with innovative ideas




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