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In the first quarter of the "most beautiful kitchen" selection competition of Zhejiang Cohen, it is a modern kitchen appliance enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Since its development in 2009, Cohen appliance has become a large-scale modern kitchen appliance manufacturer with the industry's top customized flexible production system, precision manufacturing center, National technology center, kitchen culture and technology experience hall and full intelligent logistics management system. With 8 years of craft precipitation, Cohen has opened the kitchen electricity market all over the country with high-quality products and perfect service system. At present, there are more than 2000 exclusive stores in Cohen, and more than 30million families across the country are enjoying the relaxed cooking life brought by Zhejiang Cohen appliances

as the pacesetter of the brand's continuous expansion of the market, local dealers play a vital role. Cultivating a good dealer is to determine whether it can successfully launch the brand effect in the local area and quickly occupy the market share. The trust and support of customers for Cohen is the driving force to support our continuous progress. Here, I would like to thank 2000+ dealers nationwide for their support and 30million families nationwide for their love! Coent organized "my kitchen! My zone!" And 2016 Zhejiang Cohen first season "the most beautiful kitchen" selection competition. This selection activity will better enhance the popularity and influence of dealers in the local area. Now the activity enters the photo solicitation link. Thank you for the active cooperation of the participating dealers and the support and enthusiastic participation of all customers

participation method:

before October 20, 2016, send the kitchen photos (no less than 3, clear) of your group photo with Cohen products to the [Zhejiang Cohen appliance] public platform (pay attention -- enter the official account -- click the small icon in the lower left corner -- click the "+" in the lower right corner -- select "photo" --- send). Dealers can submit multiple cases. The more submissions per household, the higher the chance of winning the prize. And attach your name, contact information and a picture description within 20 words




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