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How will coal-fired power cope with the future market competition when the planned power consumption is reduced year by year

Abstract: in the case of low annual utilization hours of coal-fired power generation, to carry out direct electricity transactions involving only coal-fired power enterprises, it is necessary to avoid further squeezing the profit space of coal-fired power and causing unfair competition

recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration officially issued the notice on the orderly release and development of power utilization plan (the deeds of the three listed companies have declined in different names, hereinafter referred to as the notice). In the notice, the statement that "the planned electricity consumption of coal-fired power units this year is not higher than 80% of the planned thermal power hours of the previous year, and the proportion of planned electricity consumption of coal-fired power units will decrease year by year from next year" has attracted the most attention

is it good or bad for the coal power industry to reduce the planned power year by year? How will coal power cope with future market competition? In this regard, the experts in the industry were interviewed to discuss the development prospect of coal-fired power in the context of a large proportion of the blow molding industry dominated by plastic blow molding machines in the market competition

in 2017, the proportion of electricity consumed by market trading will reach 30%

the data shows that in 2016, China's total social electricity consumption reached 5.9 trillion kwh, of which the market trading electricity has exceeded 1trillion kwh, accounting for 19% of the total social electricity consumption. At the same time, China's thermal power generation accounts for nearly 75% of the total power generation

according to the requirements of the notice, this year, on the basis of giving priority to the market trading power, the planned power of other coal-fired power units is no more than 80% of the planned thermal power hours of the previous year. For enterprises that belong to energy-saving and environmental friendly units and have signed power generation and purchase agreements (contracts) by themselves that exceed 50% of the planned thermal power utilization hours of the previous year, the proportion can be appropriately increased, but not more than 85%. The proportion of planned power generation after 2018 will decrease year by year with the progress of power consumption liberalization

the notice further clarifies that for the coal-fired power units approved after the promulgation and implementation of the power reform document in 2015, in principle, the power generation plan will not be arranged, and the government pricing will not be implemented. After the units are put into operation, they will be included in the market transaction and the price will be formed by the market. However, the contracted trading electricity volume shall not exceed the maximum generation hours of the local annual coal-fired units. This means that the coal-fired power projects approved since this round of power reform have been involved in the market tide since their birth

based on the planned reduction of 20% in coal power this year, China's market-oriented trading electricity may account for nearly 30%. Under the condition that the proportion of planned electricity will be reduced year by year in the future, the electricity growth space of market-oriented trading will be further opened

at the press conference at the beginning of the year, Wang Qiang, inspector of the comprehensive reform department of the economic system of the national development and Reform Commission, said that in the next step of power reform, we should speed up the liberalization of power generation and utilization plans. By 2020, except for regulatory power generation plans, everything else should be liberalized. Therefore, this year's action will be larger

linboqiang, President of the China Energy Policy Research Institute of Xiamen University, said in an interview that the liberalization of the coal-fired power plan still has a great impact, because the current coal-fired power generation hours are low. In this supply-demand structure, it means that the price of each kilowatt hour of electricity will fall. The planned electricity is the electricity price, and the principle is to repay the principal and interest. However, the electricity traded through the market is the marginal cost. As long as the electricity price is higher than the coal cost. Compared with the electricity price, the market transaction electricity price will be relatively low

in the absence of a significant improvement in the number of hours of thermal power generation this year, coal prices rose a lot last year, which will be difficult for coal-fired power enterprises. In the previous comprehensive pilot program of power system reform in various regions, gradually increasing the proportion of direct trading electricity is the key index mentioned. In Guangxi, the direct trading electricity in 2016 has been no less than 20% of the electricity consumption in the whole region. After this year, the industrial and commercial electricity consumption plan will be gradually liberalized according to the market development. In Inner Mongolia, the market trading power of Mengxi region in 2015 was 56.1 billion kwh, accounting for 60% of the industrial power consumption. In eastern Mongolia, 8.4 billion kwh of electricity was traded in 2015, accounting for about 28% of the electricity sold in eastern Mongolia. Both Shanxi and Shaanxi have proposed that by 2017, the proportion of directly traded electricity will reach more than 30% of the total social electricity consumption in the province

this shows that the expansion of market-oriented trading power has been an important part of the local power reform measures, and many regions have taken the lead in expanding the proportion of market-oriented trading power

the market trading electricity is mainly coal-fired electricity to avoid unfair competition within coal-fired electricity

under the condition that the national power generation plan gives more priority to large-scale hydropower, nuclear power and other clean energy, the market trading electricity increased year by year will be more inclined to coal-fired electricity

linboqiang said that the problem now is that the linkage between coal electricity price and coal is not sufficient, and the cycle is too long. In the case that the coal price rose a lot last year, the electricity price for coal power was not as high as the following. Jinan time testing machine technology Co., Ltd. will bring you the adjustment of the installation and commissioning method of the computer-based universal material testing machine. Coal power linkage is not sensitive, which may lead to losses in the thermal power industry due to the rapid rise of coal prices. In this case, taking out more market trading electricity will lead to more losses for coal power enterprises

"to solve this problem, the first thing is to do a good job in the coal electricity linkage. Under the condition that the coal electricity price has certain benefits, it is feasible to take out part of the electricity for market-oriented trading, and it is conducive to the advancement of the power reform process." Linboqiang said, "because the electricity market transaction may cause losses, which will reduce the power of coal power investment, which is beneficial to market-oriented construction and reasonable guidance of power investment."

at present, coal power is the most concentrated power source participating in market-oriented transactions, while renewable energy is more dependent on electricity price protection and state subsidies. Coal power has accumulated a lot of experience in participating in direct trading, which has laid a foundation for the expansion of trading scale in the future

recently, Shaanxi Province announced the results of direct electricity trading in the centralized bidding mode in the first quarter of this year, including 182 users and 13 power generation enterprises in Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi, with a clearing price of 343.1 yuan/MWh; There are 38 transaction users and 5 power generation enterprises in Yulin, with a clearing price of 318.2 yuan/MWh

it can be seen from the list published by the province that the power generation enterprises participating in the direct electricity transaction are all coal-fired power enterprises. In the central Shaanxi and southern Shaanxi regions, the unit electricity price is 0.3431 yuan/kWh, and that in Yulin region is 0.3182 yuan/kWh. Compared with the electricity price of 0.3796 yuan/kWh of coal power in the province, it is 0.03 yuan cheaper and 0.06 yuan cheaper (2) high intensity

Shandong's power generation in 2016 was about 530billion kwh, and this year will arrange direct trading of no less than 100billion kwh. In the 23.7 billion kilowatt hours of direct electricity purchase transaction signed by Gansu Province in 2016, the average electricity price decreased by 0.1072 yuan per kilowatt hour

the pilot scheme of Jiangsu Province's electricity sales side reform was approved a few days ago. During an interview in Jiangsu earlier, jigangyong, director of the market supervision division of the Jiangsu energy regulatory office of the national energy administration, told: "in Jiangsu, the electricity price for direct electricity trading has decreased steadily and orderly. In many provinces, the decline has reached more than 0.1 yuan. Now the coal price has risen, and it is easy to suffer losses. The electricity price in Jiangsu has decreased by 0.025-0.03 yuan, which is still relatively stable."

compared with renewable energy power generation, coal power has obvious cost advantages. There is a price advantage in the market transaction, and the coal power entering the market transaction will not lead to the reduction of power generation. Some experts also reminded that in the case of low annual utilization hours of coal-fired power generation, direct electricity trading involving only coal-fired power enterprises should be carried out to avoid further squeezing the profit space of coal-fired power and causing unfair competition

linboqiang said that in the coal electricity market trading environment, it is necessary to establish a transparent and sensitive coal electricity linkage mechanism, so as to straighten out the relationship between coal and electricity, planned electricity and market electricity, and ensure the orderly operation of the coal electricity market trading mechanism

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