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HP, a printing giant, has made a high-profile foray into the new market of text printing recently, the global printing giant HP released a series of new text printing imaging products and solutions globally, and also announced the establishment of a new full-time business unit, the enterprise text printing management division (MES), which is headed by Bruce Dahlgren, senior vice president of HP, and Pierre mirlesse, vice president of Asia Pacific, respectively in the global and Asia Pacific regions. Thus, HP IPG group, which has always been a rising star in the global printer field, once again launched a new action

the era of efficient management of literary and printing

under the storm of assuming the establishment of finance, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure have become self-protection measures for major enterprises in the face of crisis. In order to fully commit to the establishment and promotion of a comprehensive document printing management service solution, help customers reduce operating costs and improve business efficiency, HP launched a series of hardware, consumables and service products to help users reduce the impact on the environment and save the cost of workflow

according to the introduction of HP group, the newly launched product can help enterprises reduce the total cost of large format printing by as much as 15% to 30%, increase the response speed by 10 times by clicking on printing, and its printing software can save 25% of the paper cost

recently, 3M, a global technology company, signed the second five-year comprehensive document printing management service contract with HP printing and imaging systems group. In the past five years, HP has made outstanding achievements in helping us reduce costs and environmental impact. Ernie Park, 3M's global chief technology officer, told the media that after careful consideration, we have decided to continue to choose HP as our partner, and we are glad to continue our cooperation

strengthen cooperation

in order to provide customers with more complete products and services, HP also announced to expand its 25 year old cooperation with canon. According to the agreement reached by both parties, Canon will provide HP with the latest multi-function printers. For the past 25 years, Canon has been providing HP with laser printer movement and other accessories

when asked about the overlap with Canon's products, HP emphasized to the media that the cooperation with Canon focuses on the enterprise level document printing management market. In the consumer market, HP still promotes its own brand products. HP also announced that it would strengthen the channel cooperation mode of comprehensive document printing management services in the Asia Pacific region by selecting channel partners to become office document printing solution partners

Hewlett Packard group has launched a large-scale document printing process solution and new products to help enterprise customers improve work efficiency and business efficiency in an all-round way, and wants to expand a new market in the field of global document printing management

committed to small and medium-sized enterprises

at a time when the haze of the financial crisis has not yet cleared up, the demand for hardware equipment in large global markets is slow, while the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises shows a pattern of contrarian growth. According to the latest "quarterly tracking report on China's printing peripheral market (the second quarter of 2009)" released by IDC, the 200 unique tread design has further improved the anti-skid performance of tires. Compared with 2008, China's printing peripheral market will continue to decline in 9 years, and the overall market shipment growth rate is -3.5%. However, there are still bright spots in the development of the Chinese market in the coming period

the Hewlett Packard group has obviously noticed this trend. Among the new products released, HP launched a series of professional laser printers for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. The demand for MDI in the domestic building insulation field of small and medium-sized enterprises has not been released. The industry can choose the most professional and cost-effective products from HP's series, and customers can produce eye-catching color business letters and marketing materials within an acceptable cost range

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