HSE system knowledge of PetroChina and emergencies

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PetroChina HSE system knowledge and emergency treatment measures for natural gas transmission station emergencies

1. What new lightweight solutions in the current automotive industry must meet many requirements? They should not only provide opportunities for the weight reduction of final components, but also provide opportunities for the cost reduction of final components

answer: HSE observers; HSE observation area; HSE observation and communication schedule prepared annually; Requirements for HSE observation and communication report

2. Contents of HSE visual management

answer: it means that the qualification and identity of personnel and the use of tools, instruments, equipment and facilities are made clear by means of safety colors, labels, signs, etc. without switching impact; Status, as well as a site HSE management method for dangerous status of production and operation area, with the purpose of reminding danger and facilitating site management

3. Key points of HSE observation and communication

answer: the key point of HSE observation and communication is to observe and discuss the behavior and status of employees in the workplace and the possible consequences. HSE observation shall not only identify unsafe behaviors and states, but also identify safe behaviors

4. main contents of HSE analysis process before work. Answer: 1 Preliminary review of work tasks; 2. work tasks are decomposed into specific steps; 3. identify hazards of key steps; 4. evaluate possible risks; 5. formulate control measures; 6. work permit and risk communication; 7. on site monitoring

5. What are the three aspects of safety education

answer: safety ideological education, safety knowledge education and safety skill education

6. What is the meaning of "three Simultaneities" in construction projects

answer: the safety facilities of the new, reconstruction and expansion projects of the enterprise shall be designed, constructed, put into production and use at the same time as the main project

7. What to do in case of contradiction between safety and production

answer: when production is threatened, production should be subject to safety

8. What are the basic principles of safe production

answer: ① safety first, prevention first; ② Management of production must also be in charge of safety

③ safety has veto power; ④ The administrative director of the enterprise is the first person in charge of safety production

9. What are the HSE objectives of the company? Answer: pursue zero injury, zero pollution and zero accident, and become a model of a scientific, green and Harmonious Oilfield

10. During the operation of the system, it is necessary to clarify the role of all employees in HSE management and what is the role of employees? Answer: implement HSE management regulations and standards; Understand unsafe factors and accidents; Put forward improvement suggestions to the superior

11 what are the "three standards"

answer: it refers to standardized teams, posts and sites

12. What are the methods of safety inspection

answer: regular inspection; Regular inspection; Professional inspection; Mass inspection

(II) emergency handling measures for emergencies

1. Emergency handling steps for leakage during natural gas pipeline export:

(1) immediately notify upstream gas station to stop gas transmission and report to emergency command center and fire alarm 119

(2) quickly close the control valve of the air inlet pipeline and cut off the main power switch

(3) organize personnel to rescue immediately. If poisoned people are found, take them out of the danger area immediately or call 120 for first aid

2. Emergency treatment steps for fire and explosion accidents:

(1) in case of a fire, it shall be put out quickly, isolation measures shall be taken, and the site shall be guarded. Report 119 fire alarm and organize the evacuation of irrelevant personnel; (2) Cut off the power switch, close the gas valve, prevent the situation from expanding, and report to the superior in time; (3) In case of personal burns, organize rescue immediately and send them to hospital for treatment; If explosion may occur, evacuate the site in advance immediately

3. Emergency treatment steps for system pressure holding: (1) master the emergency pressure relief method, and take action to stop the device immediately when the equipment pressure exceeds the normal value; (2) Thawing measures shall be taken in time in case of frozen blockage precursor; (3) Report to the superior in time and report to the fire department 119

4. Emergency treatment steps for leakage of distribution box: (1) in case of electric shock, the main switch of power supply must be cut off immediately or the power line must be separated with an insulator to make the person who gets an electric shock separate from the power supply; (the economy of Europe, America and emerging countries is unstable 2) rescue the person who gets an electric shock by artificial respiration or send him to hospital for treatment

5. Emergency treatment steps for H2S gas leakage: (1) leave the site quickly when H2S gas is found; (2) Immediately report to the emergency command center that the poor durability seriously hinders the development speed; (3) Wear a positive pressure air respirator device, enter the leakage area, close the control valves before and after the leakage point nearby to prevent gas leakage

(4) organize personnel to rescue immediately. If poisoned people are found, take them out of the danger area immediately or call 120 for first aid; (5) Evacuate irrelevant personnel

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