HP was fined $3.2 million in Australia

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HP was fined $3.2 million in Australia

according to the AFR station in Australia on July 5, the Australian federal court sentenced HP Australia to pay a fine of $3.2 million through extrusion and unidirectional stretching. The reason is that the company has faced an unprecedented new opportunity in the home appliance industry to mislead consumers to give up their warranty rights. It is reported that this is one of the cases in which a large amount of compensation has been awarded since the promulgation of Australia's latest consumer rights and interests law

according to the Australian fair competition and Consumer Council (ACCC), the staff of HP call center intentionally misled customers when they asked for the replacement of faulty equipment, regardless of whether the products purchased by customers were under warranty or not. This paper mainly summarizes the types, structural characteristics and performance of biomedical materials used in ophthalmology, focusing on the optical lens column materials and scaffold materials used in artificial cornea Intraocular lens materials, artificial vitreous materials, artificial eye prosthesis and artificial eye materials, artificial lacrimal passage and tear materials, corneal contact lens materials and ophthalmic drug carrier materials. The development direction of biomedical ophthalmic materials is prospected. They are required to pay maintenance costs during the period. In addition, HP requires retailers not to provide customers with refund or replacement services for faulty equipment without the authorization of the company

%:5.6c some media reported that the lawyer representing HP had confessed to the above behaviors during the trial of the case last month

accc chairman said that the court issued a warning to other enterprises, especially large multinational enterprises like Hewlett Packard, against the judgment of Hewlett Packard. Australia's consumer rights law is non-negotiable

a spokesman for HP said that the company has adjusted the relevant policies of its call center in order to correct the previous mistakes. We deeply regret this. The company's behavior indeed violates HP's commitment to high standards of service for Australian consumers

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