How to win the market for the hottest art coatings

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Art coating, how to "win" the market

how can art coatings "win" the market

august 26, 2020


it is estimated that in the next few years, while the coating output increases, the industry and product structure will also change greatly. The focus of national industrial structure adjustment and drying strength - the strength direction of the bonding part measured immediately after drying or conditioning in the specified environment for a period of time is to encourage the production of environment-friendly and resource-saving coatings. As a subdivision of the coating industry, how should the art coating industry drive the future market demand

01. Targeting the new middle class

in recent years, China's consumption center has shifted from the middle class to the new middle class. Behind this shift in consumption is the rise of the new middle class. When the new middle class becomes the mainstream force of national consumer culture and political life, the whole social structure will change greatly. For enterprises, it is particularly important to grasp this wind vane consumer group. At the same time, it also puts forward a new marketing course. So what is the relationship between such consumer groups and coatings? It matters a lot. Art coating is a product with a strong sense of art. Compared with other coating products, its sense of art is easier for the new middle class to pay. Not only that, its service is also up to standard, especially those big brand manufacturers provide humanized services to meet the personalized needs of the new middle class in an all-round way

02. The use of "customized" thermal insulation materials for exterior walls of buildings can reduce energy consumption and deepen the concept of frugality and environmental protection.

in addition, personalized artistic walls can be loved by consumers because artistic coatings can express various styles like wallpaper and latex paint through rich and colorful colors, creating different texture effects. In addition, through the combination and application of some colors, and even the adoption of some patterns, you can make some personalized patterns. The color combination and pattern of art paint can be customized according to customers' preferences. In addition, different texture effects can be outlined through the use of different tools by construction workers, bringing the best home style enjoyment to home decoration consumers

in addition, the mechanical properties of aircraft parts, etc. according to the above data, the market capacity of China's art coatings in 2019 alone is more than 3billion yuan, six times that of 2016, with an average annual growth rate of more than 50%, while the art coatings of 3billion Yuan account for less than 10% of the interior wall coatings. In the next 10 years, art coatings are expected to account for 1/3 or even half of interior wall coatings, and will still maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 30%. It deserves to be a sunrise product in the coating industry. The development prospect is still immeasurable

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