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Zoomlion: how can made in China break through the "strict prevention" of Japan's high-end market

Zoomlion: how can made in China break through the "strict prevention" of Japan's high-end market

. In fact, Japanese environmental sanitation machinery products are one of the labels of high-end manufacturing industry. Japan has very high requirements for its product performance, configuration and operability, and its key basic technologies and parts manufacturing have achieved a high degree of autonomy. This "strict prevention" type of competition has greatly raised the threshold of market access

for a Chinese enterprise that wants to enter this market and can install various friction pair upper collets, its difficulty can be imagined! However, the pest phenomenon has not yet occurred. After all, this market is still invaded by a Chinese enterprise

recently, Zoomlion overseas has actively cooperated with the environmental industry group. After more than a year of efforts, a batch of new waste compression vehicles developed for the Japanese market were successfully delivered to customers in June this year, realizing the breakthrough of Zoomlion environmental sanitation machinery in the Japanese market and in the overseas high-end market

in may, 2015, the overseas company and the environmental industry group jointly established the environmental sanitation project team of the overseas company. In order to design a garbage compression vehicle that meets the requirements of Japanese customers, the project team organized technicians of the environmental industry group to go to Japan to conduct full market research, carefully studied the parameters and performance of high-end garbage compression vehicles of Japan's well-known environmental sanitation machinery brands, and finally agreed with the customer to adopt the chassis imported from Japan and redesign the loading scheme by Zoomlion according to the requirements of the Japanese market

after the design scheme of this batch of products was determined, the project team discussed the solutions to various technical problems with Japanese companies and end customers

for this reason, the members of the project team and technicians worked hard day and night to overcome difficulties, consulted a large number of technical data of Japanese waste compression vehicles, and finally developed a new zlj5071zyse4 waste compression vehicle that meets the requirements of the Japanese side

the model adopts the Hino chassis imported from Japan, and the guardrails on both sides are made of aluminum alloy profiles, with beautiful appearance. The dustbin and filler of the product are made of weatherproof plates that can withstand the marine climate. The matched garbage collection box can also be separated from the vehicle body and can be loaded, unloaded and transferred as a whole through the pull arm hook. The garbage box adopts a fully sealed form, which can realize no garbage spillage, odor emission and liquid leakage. Moreover, this batch of products can also realize "one vehicle with multiple boxes", which can reduce customers' procurement costs and operating expenses

in consideration of the convenience of after-sales maintenance, the project team specially adopts international famous brands for many important parts such as power takeoff

in March this year, after the successful trial production of the sample vehicle, the project team conducted repeated tests and commissioning. The Japanese end customer specially came to Changsha for pre delivery inspection of the equipment. The customer spoke highly of the equipment shape, product performance and technical parameters delivered by the company. After that, the technicians of the environmental industry group conducted a period of trial operation and module collision test on the equipment. At the time of formal delivery, the performance and technical parameters of the equipment fully meet the requirements of Japanese customers

the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation has provided an unprecedented opportunity for China's manufacturing industry

Zoomlion is currently the largest environmental sanitation and environmental protection equipment manufacturer in China. It has more than 100 products, including road cleaning and cleaning equipment, garbage collection, transportation and treatment equipment, municipal maintenance equipment, snow and ice removal equipment, and its key core products have a market share of more than 60%, ranking first in the domestic industry for 14 consecutive years

this time, the garbage compression vehicle equipment has entered the Japanese market, which will improve the brand of environmental sanitation equipment in the overseas market. The multi-layer film usually has thinner thickness image and value than the single-layer film, and set a benchmark and sample for Chinese manufacturing to occupy the international high-end market

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