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How the electric butterfly valve works and storage

the electric butterfly valve is composed of a valve composed of an electric actuator and a butterfly valve. Therefore, it has the advantages of simple operation and simple structure of the butterfly valve. It is also widely used in nearly every chemical industry, where various types of flame-retardant materials are used, medicine and other industries. With the assistance of electric actuator, the development of butterfly valve has reached a new level

action principle of electric butterfly valve: the valve rod is driven by the electric device to make the butterfly plate generate 90 rotation movement to open and close the valve

the principle of the electric actuator is actually very simple. Just like the daily razor, the energy source is electricity. The electricity drives the operation of the valve plate, so as to open and close the valve and circulate or cut off the fluid. The electric actuator of electric butterfly valve can be divided into switch type and regulation type. The switch type electric butterfly valve plays the role of switch; The regulating electric butterfly valve plays the role of regulating the flow, which can accurately regulate the flow to 1000 degrees. It is also a kind of valve with relatively high price. As a device installed in the pipeline, it seems impractical to check the on-site switch status of the valve, so there is a feedback signal. The regulating type has feedback signal, while the switch type can choose whether to install feedback signal according to the specific needs of customers

here, I would like to introduce the storage method of electric butterfly valve

1 the product shall be stored in a dry and ventilated room and shall not be stored in the open air; The sealing ring shall not contact with oily substances to avoid aging

2 storage and transportation:

a. both ends of the drift diameter shall be covered with blanking caps to prevent dust and rust and keep the channel clean

b again, the machined surfaces at both ends of the electric butterfly valve shall be cleaned of dirt and coated with anti rust 220v/50hz agent

3 the electric butterfly valve with a storage period of more than 18 months shall be retested before installation and use to ensure the integrity of structure and function

4 when the electric butterfly valve is placed, the plastic bag shall be used in a large amount to ensure that the electric device is not squeezed and the wiring terminal is not damaged, and to prevent contact with corrosive substances. Handle with care to avoid damage to electrical components and mechanical parts

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