How will China's manufacturing industry be redefin

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Mayun: how will China's manufacturing industry be redefined when new manufacturing comes

Ma Yun: how will China's manufacturing industry be redefined when new manufacturing comes

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yesterday morning, the annual Yunqi Conference opened, and Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma delivered a speech on the theme of new manufacturing

Ma Yun believes that the manufacturing industry will be very painful in the coming years. It will be more and more difficult for consuming enterprises to rely on traditional resources to provide more efficient services. All manufacturing industries should maintain a high level of awareness and not be complacent about the status quo. The Internet has driven marketing, but it does not mean that we have the ability of tomorrow. We must think about how the manufacturing industry will go in the future

it's not manufacturing, it's the old manufacturing.

Zhongce Rubber knows that the future manufacturing industry must be based on cloud computing, big data and IOT

industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing system

Zhongce adopts the world's advanced production processes and technical equipment to create an intelligent factory of "low-carbon economy and green manufacturing". After exposing the weak links of products, it will run environmental protection through every link of production, and realize the reduction, recycling and harmlessness of wastes from the source of production. Zhongce has established a recycling system of renewable resources, reducing the comprehensive energy consumption by 30% and the exhaust gas emission by more than 95% for each ton of renewable rubber produced, so as to enhance the sustainable development potential of the company

et industrial brain

since the end of 2016, Zhongce Rubber has introduced Alibaba cloud et industrial brain to use the massive amount of information and data accumulated in the R & D, quality inspection, production and other industrial chains. Different from previous quality inspection methods based on experience, et industrial brain can process and analyze the origin of each piece of rubber in a short time through artificial intelligence algorithm, match the optimal synthesis scheme, greatly stabilize the performance of the rubber mixture and greatly reduce the cost investment in the processing link. At present, Zhongce Rubber has improved the average qualified rate of compound by 3%-5%

China's first cloud smart tire

in 2017, Zhongce officially launched China's first cloud smart tire, which monitors tire pressure, tire temperature, mileage, GPS and other data in real time, helps users improve tire use and management through Zhongce cloud analysis, and adds a new color to Zhongce industry 4.0. Smart tires will continue to be used in the operation and management of large fleets and tires to improve fleet management efficiency and reduce operating costs

2. The future manufacturing industry is not only manufacturing industry, but also the perfect combination of manufacturing and service industry

Zhongce continuously improves its service capacity, meets the diversified needs of consumers, and strives to become the pioneer of innovation and build the future manufacturing industry

create the OAO business model of Zhongce car space

taking "Zhongce car space" as the brand breakthrough point, Zhongce has also become the first tire enterprise in China to open the OAO business model. Create an OAO service platform for the automotive aftermarket by using chain operation mode, mobile Internet technology, big data analysis, intelligent vehicle parts matching system and other technical means. In the future, Zhongce automotive space will always take creating a new benchmark for China's automotive aftermarket service as its vision, and continue to innovate its business around this vision

the first regular tire insurance project in China

in March 2016, China policy rubber and PICC launched the first regular tire insurance project for tire manufacturers - China policy tire insurance; In the year of 17, Zhongce tire insurance 2.0 came to China. On the basis of claim settlement within one year, it added free tire repair service in national contracted stores within one year. Over the past two years, Zhongce tire insurance has participated in nearly 10000 stores, with more than 370000 insured car owners and more than 900000 insured tires. Zhongce will continue to meet the diversified needs of consumers

Zhongce tire insurance 2.0: Zhongce Rubber Group and the people's Insurance Company of China jointly launch value-added services. All three media, Chaoyang, lucky, Weishi and quannuo, which are purchased in the regular stores of Zhongce Rubber, have their own characteristics of more than 5-inch tires and are used by non operating vehicles. They can receive a copy of Zhongce tire insurance, Enjoy one-year claim settlement and free tire repair service in contracted stores nationwide within one year

China is the testing ground for global digital transformation, and Hangzhou is the center of China's digital wave. After 60 years of baptism, in the process of transformation and upgrading in the new era, Zhongce is not afraid to become an innovator in the market, and is also well prepared to do well in a down-to-earth manner

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