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The "leaders" of two major power companies and five major power generation companies: how will power enterprises break through the bottleneck of development

the two sessions in 2018 have closed, and many personnel in the power industry have put forward their own suggestions and views on the development of the industry. At the meeting, the leaders of the two major power companies and the five major power generation companies also received interviews from many media and discussed their views on the future work direction of the group and how the power enterprises will develop

shuyinbiao, chairman of Guodian, said that it would not be ruled out to further promote asset securitization in the future. Cao Peixi, chairman of Huaneng Group, said that it was rapidly promoting the IPO of its holding companies

Ling Wen, general manager of national energy group, said that the group would not rule out the next step of coal power merger and reorganization

chenzhangzao, chairman of Datang Group, said that the group will strengthen investment and M & A in the future, not only through the coal and electricity industry chain, but also actively strive for the acquisition of other high-quality project resources and high-quality assets

wenshugang, general manager of Huadian Group, said that it would study how to promote the mixed reform by introducing social capital and employee stock ownership...

the details are as follows:

Shu Yinbiao, member of the CPPCC National Committee, chairman of Guodian and Secretary of the Party leadership group, promoted the asset securitization of its subsidiaries

Guodian is facing a "hard bone" in the battle to reform "old state-owned enterprises"

regulations on oxygen index of wall insulation foam materials

the State Grid has 1.63 million employees, so it is necessary to consider how to reduce the total amount of labor and improve labor productivity through big data and artificial intelligence

in the next three years, we will try our best to further "slim down", clean up ineffective and inefficient assets, introduce private capital into some strategic emerging industries, and further promote asset securitization

at present, Guodian has a number of A-share listed companies, including Guodian Nari, Pinggao electric, XJ electric, etc

member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, director, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the leading Party group of Nanfang power company caozhian

the central enterprise of Nanfang power: power reform + clean energy consumption

will strive for the construction of a unified power spot market in the southern region (starting from Guangdong) to have the conditions for trial operation by the end of the year, further enrich the trading varieties, increase the trading methods, expand the trading scope, and maximize the consumption of clean energy

strive to obtain the national approval and start the construction of Guangdong Guangxi DC transmission project of Wudongde power transmission before the end of March this year

it will strengthen the construction of interconnection channel between southern power and national power, and expand the scale of power mutual assistance

Lingwen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and general manager of the national energy group

the national energy group will aim at the direction of state-owned capital investment

in the next step, the national energy group will integrate in accordance with the ideas of professional management and integrated operation. In the future, the group will aim at the direction of state-owned capital investment, focusing on capital management, capital use efficiency, liquidity, profitability and risk prevention and control, The following business segments are responsible for specific industrial operation and development

it is not ruled out that there will be the next step of coal power merger and reorganization

upstream and downstream integration. Coal power integration is the general direction of coal power merger and reorganization. Ling Wen said: "I personally hope that there will be similar cases of Shenhua Guodian's restructuring in the field of coal power in the future, and the national energy group does not rule out the next step."

layout of thin-film solar power generation

in the photovoltaic field, in addition to the traditional monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon, the national energy group is laying out thin-film solar power generation. The group has acquired a solar thin-film battery team in Germany and is focusing on overcoming the technology of 'copper indium gallium selenium' thin-film solar cells. "This technology will be cleaner, more efficient and cheaper in the future. I believe we will see good results in the next twoorthree years," Ling said

caopeixi, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of China Huaneng Group

when China rebounded in the opposite direction, China Huaneng and SDIC did not do relevant work and demonstration on merger.

the IPO of Great Wall Securities, the holding company, is advancing rapidly.

at present, in the financial sector of Huaneng group, the IPO of Changcheng securities, the holding company, is advancing rapidly. At present, the rock splitting test and variable angle shear test have been completed and the first round of feedback has been answered. The cultivation of high-quality listing resources in science and technology, coal and other sectors is also advancing as planned. Shanghai Huaneng e-commerce Co., Ltd., a holding enterprise in the logistics and trade sector, successfully introduced external strategic investors such as century city. While raising 100million yuan, it achieved the goal of complementary advantages and strong combination of all investors. Yuncheng Financial Services Co., Ltd. was established, and the state-owned capital, social capital and employee capital were united to form an internet financial company with mixed ownership components

develop comprehensive energy suppliers that "combine electricity, heat and cold water supply, and integrate development, purchase and distribution"

vigorously promote the distributed energy industry that integrates power distribution business, combined heat, power and cold supply, wind, solar energy and storage, and distribution and distribution. Focus on expanding the direct power supply business for large users. Relying on the development and construction of industrial parks and urban communities, actively explore and carry out comprehensive energy supplier services of "wind, light, gas and heat complement each other, electricity, heat, cooling and water supply, and integration of development, purchase, distribution and sales". Actively promote comprehensive energy supply projects in industrial parks, and explore the construction of distributed energy micro electricity systems in circular economy industrial parks

wenshugang, deputy to the National People's Congress, director, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the party leading group of Huadian Group, studied the promotion of mixed ownership reform through employee stock ownership, introduced strategic investors at the group level, promoted equity diversification, explored the pilot of mixed ownership reform in secondary and tertiary units that meet national policies and conditions, and studied the promotion of mixed ownership reform through the introduction of social capital and employee stock ownership, Through reform and innovation, we will promote enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger

in 2018, it is planned to shut down 1.48 million KW coal-fired power units.

in terms of investment orientation, we will effectively turn to increasing effective investment and supply, and use the limited funds to absorb high-quality clean energy projects with market and boundary conditions; In terms of development quality, we should develop quality advantages, improve input-output efficiency and the operating efficiency of stock assets. In key areas and projects, we will actively develop clean energy such as hydropower, natural gas power generation, distributed, biomass, wind and solar power. In terms of capacity reduction, it is planned to shut down 1.48 million KW coal-fired power units in 2018

2018, Huadian will continue to strengthen the comprehensive treatment of pollutants in thermal power enterprises, carry out pilot projects to deeply optimize the zero discharge of water and wastewater, steadily promote the prevention and control of solid waste pollution and the treatment of coal yards, and strive to reduce the total emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide by more than 6%

member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, chairman and Secretary of the leading Party group of China Datang Group Corporation, chenxingfa

strengthened investment and M & a through the coal power industry chain

conscientiously implemented the major decisions and arrangements of the state to resolve the risk of overcapacity in coal power. Implement the commencement conditions of wind power projects and accelerate the development progress. Strengthen investment and M & A, and connect the coal power industry chain. Accelerate the pace of "going global" and form a new pattern of opening up and development. We will strengthen capital operation, take improving quality and efficiency and slimming down as the main battlefield, vigorously reduce management levels, do a good job in managing losses and getting rid of difficulties, and dispose of "zombie enterprises" and inefficient and ineffective assets

focus on developing gas turbine and distributed energy projects in the South and the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region

in deepening the structural reform on the supply side, first, deeply cultivate the power market, increase the generation of effective electricity, and accurately grasp the characteristics of the transition period of power market construction. The second is to intensively cultivate the power coal market to ensure supply, adjust structure and reduce coal prices. Third, expand the heat market to make it a new growth point, actively implement the blue sky project in the north, focus on the development of gas turbine and distributed energy projects in the South and the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, and carry out a new model of multi energy complementarity. Fourth, cultivate the core market, strengthen and expand the non electric business, and provide strong support and high-quality services for the group

actively strive for the acquisition of other high-quality project resources and high-quality assets

strive to promote capital operation as a major measure in strengthening and building a large country with capital. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the adjustment of equity structure and actively and orderly promote asset securitization; We should also look at the domestic and international, focus on the upstream and downstream of the main business, actively strive for M & A opportunities, and promote strategic restructuring. According to the situation of the capital market, promote the integration of internal assets and the capital operation of listed companies as a whole, use the platform of listed companies to integrate and restructure unlisted assets, open up the space for equity financing, and improve the asset securitization rate of the group company. We should actively carry out mergers and acquisitions of high-quality coal resources and coal companies, focusing on the feasibility of cooperation with large central and local energy enterprises. We should actively promote the acquisition of assets connected to high-quality clean energy hydraulic sensors such as hydropower, wind power and solar energy, and actively strive for the acquisition of other high-quality project resources and high-quality assets

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