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How will Taiwan's three or five ethnic semiconductor groups develop under 5g business opportunities

the year 2019 is coming, the expectations of international chip manufacturers for 5g communication generation can be said to be overwhelming, and the battle for the right to speak continues to heat up under the surging US China trade war

the three or five family semiconductor groups in Taiwan include Wenmao, Xinxin optoelectronics, hongjieke, Huanyu and Ying, with high test repeatability; The latter, such as benteley, basically hold a positive attitude towards 5g in the medium and long term. However, in the short term next year, except for the infrastructure construction of various large, medium and small base station power amplifiers (PAS), the compound semiconductor industry generally does not think that there will be significant volume energy and revenue contribution in the application part

those familiar with the compound semiconductor industry said that, first of all, the uncertainty of the US China trade war makes the industry really unable to give a specific business outlook. Although Huawei and other mainland industry players were originally optimistic about emerging markets such as Chinese Mainland and the third world outside Europe and the United States, the strength of the United States' heavy fist attack also makes the supply chain need to stop, watch and listen carefully in the first half of 2019

based on the recent views of stable and new optoelectronics industry on the market, it is estimated that in 2019, 5g related applications will be dominated by sub 6GHz in the low frequency band, and the demand for RF and power amplifiers for base stations will first emerge

however, the capacity of infrastructure construction is far from that of mobile devices. Therefore, although Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung Electronics and other international companies, which are major manufacturers of modem chips, have made technical announcements one after another, 2019 is still regarded by the supply system as an experimental stage for 5g application to test water temperature

relevant Lei chip manufacturers frankly say that there are indeed terrestrial Android camps who have worked hard and made silent contributions in the western region like you. They have given a small number of 5g product orders for the three major RF component IDM plants, including skyworks, qorvo and Avago (now new Broadcom), and strive to promote new products and win market attention. It is estimated that this part will make a very limited contribution to the operation of Taiwan's 35 ethnic semiconductor manufacturers, At present, it seems that in the first half of the year, there are many opportunities for non Apple array operators such as mainland China or Korean series to launch 5g new products. However, it is estimated that the overall 5g capacity in 2019 is only about millions to tens of millions

5g infrastructure is the leading indicator. Small base stations should be seamlessly integrated with large base stations, and the number of various base stations will naturally increase. Compared with the 4G generation, the market is estimated to have 4-16 times the growth of capacity. However, most of the relevant wafer foundry or Lei chip manufacturers think that there must be opportunities for 5g business opportunities, but the time point still needs to be brewed. Moreover, 5g must coexist with the 4G system at the initial stage, It is still reasonable to estimate the time point after 2020 for the outbreak and growth expected by the industry

for Taiwan's 35 family semiconductor industry, the surface emitting laser (VCSEL) element for 3D sensing is a potential application in the mobile device market. Wenmao has benefited indirectly from the leading brands in the US

however, the structured light 3D sensing of the American camp, that is, the scheme of VCSEL with optical diffractive elements (DOE), will face the challenge of other manufacturers' optical or ultrasonic under screen fingerprint identification technology in 2019. In 2018, the sales of VCSEL related 3D sensing elements by specific industries have also been very obvious. Who can win the next generation of human-computer interface of mobile devices next year will also affect the related laser diodes Performance of compound semiconductor industry

although the brand-new and hongjieke are still optimistic about the follow-up growth potential of optical components, for example, it is reported that hongjieke's current VCSEL revenue share has also reached about 10%. Next year, it will cooperate with the pre 5g and VCSEL business opportunities to expand the new plant. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 and put into operation in 2020. The monthly production capacity can reach up to twice the current production capacity of about 10000 pieces, which will also challenge the VCSEL revenue share to challenge 15%

however, by observing the inventory removal of 3D sensing components at the end of this year, relevant GaAs wafer manufacturers believe that although 4q is generally better than 3q, on the whole, the temperature recovery is not as significant as expected. With the addition of the gbt233 ⑵ 000 metal material upsetting test method and the continuous adjustment of RF and PA inventory. 1. The temperature and humidity environment of the universal material testing machine, the capacity utilization rate of GaAs wafer foundry is only 60-70% even for the leading manufacturers

even in the first half of 2019, the demand for 6-inch GaAs wafers is estimated to be about several hundred wafers per month, and the volume is far from that of the application field. Therefore, for the first half of 2019, Taiwan's three or five ethnic groups are fighting and closely observing the economic changes

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