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How automotive textiles win the market with quality

cheese is attractive

in a sense, the field of automotive textile materials is a cheese waiting to be shared. Its huge development potential and industrial profits are very attractive to the textile industry in the era of meager profits

there is a strong contrast between domestic and foreign countries. According to statistics, foreign automotive textile materials account for 1/3 of all industrial textile materials. In Western Europe, automotive textile materials have reached the highest proportion of 35% of industrial textiles in recent years. Relatively speaking, the proportion of domestic automotive textile materials in industrial textile varieties is still very small. "China's automotive textiles have great development potential and will certainly occupy an important position in the field of industrial textiles. However, most of the enterprises producing automotive textiles started late. Generally speaking, we lack leading enterprises in automotive textiles and independent brands. There is still a certain gap with the international level." Zhuminru, chairman of China Industrial Textiles Association, said

there is a strong contrast between demand and production. According to statistics, in 2010, China needed about 110million square meters of car seat fabrics, 23million square meters of passenger car carpets, 18million square meters of passenger car trunk liners, 7.6 million square meters of textiles for passenger car luggage racks, 8.1 million square meters of car door inner panel fabrics, more than 26million square meters of car roof fabrics, and more than 91 million meters of safety belts. This situation of short supply has brought a broad space for the development of China's textile industry

there is a strong contrast between the sharp increase in automobile ownership and the slow development of automobile textiles. In 2009, China's automobile production and sales reached 13.791 million and 13.6448 million respectively, a year-on-year increase of 48% and 46% respectively. This year, China's automobile output is expected to reach 15million, and the consumption of automobile textiles will exceed 260000 tons

at the same time, the sales volume of China's automotive textiles is increasing at a rate of 15%~20% per year. The market trend shows that the sales volume is increasing year by year, the market gap is widening, the contradiction between supply and demand is acute, and China relies heavily on imports, with an annual import amount of about US $4billion

generally speaking, since the automobile interior only accounts for about 4% of the whole automobile price, automobile manufacturers are increasingly using high-quality interior to improve the automobile grade. Improving the quality level of automobile interior trim, with low cost and high return, has been welcomed by automobile manufacturers

brand convergence

although both belong to the manufacturing industry and meet the two basic needs of "clothing" and "transportation" in human "clothing, food, housing and transportation", the textile industry is completely different from the automobile industry. From our intuitive sense, the automotive industry belongs to the precision industry, which seems to be more precise than the textile industry in our impression

in fact, precision is not the real gap between the two industries. The gap between them is mostly reflected in the connection. It is pointed out that there are problems in the connection between domestic production enterprises and the devices for die revision and adjustment installed on the head of automobile brands

in recent years, automobile brands all over the world have seen China's huge market potential. More and more foreign automobile brands have entered China and occupied the Chinese market. However, when these brand cars are produced in China, most of their existing accessory manufacturers also enter China to directly supply them. Therefore, it is difficult for Chinese local auto accessory manufacturers to enter. If you want to become a supplier of certain accessories for a vehicle, you generally need to participate in the R & D phase of the vehicle. In addition, even if they are lucky enough to enter the list of their accessory suppliers, the high test costs in the on-board test phase of accessories will also leave most domestic manufacturers out of the game circle. There seems to be some technical barriers behind this phenomenon

"we can produce textiles for their cars, but we have no access to their company's purchasing channels." An enterprise engaged in the production of automotive textiles has always wanted to become a supplier of automotive interiors of foreign brands, but it has been filled with polyurethane for many years. He lamented, "they have locked their original suppliers when they enter China, and they will not easily change suppliers when there are no accidents."

"cooperative development with automobile manufacturers is one way, but it is obviously more difficult than direct entry into the market. With more and more automobiles entering the home, the demand for automobile supplies is increasing, and the number of manufacturers producing automobile supplies is also increasing, so the investment promotion work is very smooth." Tianlong market, which mainly sells auto supplies, was officially renamed as auto supplies market, which means that the profit of this market is valued to reduce the energy consumption of 100million tons of standard coal

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