How to view the reverse engineering of China's ind

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How to treat the reverse engineering of China's industrial robot industry

they still lack a well decorated shop, a pile of steamed bun tools and legal business procedures before opening a steamed bun shop

there is one downstairs, rent it; There are tools on it, buy it; The procedures are simple and easy to handle

after everything is in order, Xiaoming and Xiaoling find that they still lack the most important thing, technology. They can't make steamed buns

in the first step, Xiao Ming taught himself, but he found that the noodles were not good and the meat stuffing tasted strange. He could eat it himself, but no one bought it. At least he had his own steamed stuffed bun

the second step is to change technology for market. Xiaoming visited the world-famous baozi brand "Taibi steamed bun". He hoped to cooperate by providing stores and technology, and the other party agreed. After the cooperation, every day, he would send the minced meat and the prepared noodles to the store, which would then be wrapped by Xiao Ming and sold by Xiao Ling

how to view the reverse engineering of China's industrial robot industry

Xiaoming's steamed stuffed bun shop has opened. Xiaoming has mastered the technique of making steamed stuffed buns. In this way, Xiaoling has learned to operate the steamed stuffed bun shop. She is also very happy

suddenly one day, an old customer said, why do you only have meat buns and vegetable buns? I want to eat steamed buns stewed with curry potatoes. Do you have any? Xiaoling fell into deep meditation

it has always been the case that Xiao Ming would pack buns with whatever stuffing he sent. Playing is also his trademark. Xiao Ming and Xiao Ling didn't eat buns that night Cooked a bowl of wonton Just two Fried Chinese leek dumplings

the next day, Xiao Ming made up his mind to spend 50000 yuan from the monthly turnover of 200000 yuan for the research and development of the new product curry potato stewed noodle bun

with the funds, Xiaoming also left part of the stuffing and noodles sent by mianbi steamed bread for analysis. At the same time, he bought yebi steamed bread, Naibi steamed bread, and the baozi from Dayi's steamed bread family to study. Finally, Xiaoming hired a baker who had worked in Shubi steamed bread for research and development

three months later, Xiaoming and Xiaoling's shop found the recipe for making meat stuffing and mastered the skill of mixing noodles

five months later, Xiaoming found that the cost of steamed buns made from Uncle Wang's pork and noodles next door was 50 cents lower than the original cost, so he lowered the price of steamed buns, terminated the cooperation with aobi steamed buns, and opened a branch in the community next door to compete directly with aobi steamed buns

one year later, Xiaoming's steamed stuffed bun research and development department finally developed steamed stuffed bun with curry potato stewed with vermicelli. Xiao Ming applied for an invention patent for the recipe and sold the steamed stuffed bun shop to Paris, France

no one has studied advanced and sophisticated subjects since birth. They are all in primary school, middle school and college, and then read doctors to do research and write articles. (Ji Ge believes that industrial robots have been developed and applied abroad for many years, and that domestic applications started late and lagged behind, so it should be given enough attention and trust. One is to concentrate on the independent research and development of key parts. For example, domestic enterprises such as Guangzhou CNC and Nanjing Easton use their previous experience in machine tool CNC systems and servo systems to independently develop robot controllers and servo systems. The other is to deepen Degree cooperation, that is, to open up the upstream and downstream of the robot industry. For example, Anhui evertech and other enterprises, together with upstream key parts manufacturers, such as Gugao (Shenzhen) and Nantong zhenkang, jointly break through key parts such as reducer.)

no enterprise has jumped out of a stone. With resources, people and needs, innovation will naturally occur

next, let me give you an example of robots.

there is a foreign-funded enterprise engaged in industrial robots. About ten years ago, this company opened an industrial robot production plant in China. At first, China did not supply parts for robots, so many parts were imported from original overseas suppliers, but this would not work. Although China's labor cost and land are cheap, the cost of overseas parts is not only high, And the delivery cycle is long

therefore, these crooked nuts began to look for suitable casting suppliers, wire harness suppliers, motor suppliers and sheet metal suppliers in China. Capitalists are not philanthropists. They do not go all the way to help China's technological development, just because it is beneficial to enterprises. But what about Chinese suppliers who have not worked on robot parts, and have not used relevant standards and technical requirements? We had no choice but to cultivate them slowly. As a result, China began to have suppliers of parts for the world's top industrial robot enterprises

then, there are still some parts that cannot be localized. It doesn't matter. Continue to buy them from overseas. Overseas suppliers look at them. Alas, there is a market in China. Let me also open a factory in China. As a result, high-end suppliers are also stationed in China, and the presence of manufacturers will drive the upstream and downstream industrial chains, slowly improving the entire industrial system

it goes on to say that this enterprise, which is also a carbon material industrial robot with the simplest structure, has smoothly started production and found that there are often some small problems with the products in the factory. The locally processed products should be reassured to buy and use the tension machine fixture according to the non-standard configuration or the relevant expanded configuration. In this way, the cooperative parts with us for a long time always need to be debugged. What should we do? Hire some production engineers. So China had the first batch of people to solve production problems for large industrial robot manufacturers

in the future, the team of engineers is getting bigger and bigger. At first glance, these people are doing very well. Anyway, they can't catch up. Why don't you let them try to develop new products? When the local team heard this, they said five words. You think I dare not

at first, I didn't know how to do it. Just learn from them. Everyone sends them abroad to see how they do their research and development. Look through the previous drawings. Oh, it was designed like this. So the only R & D department set up in China by the four robot families was born. Over the years, a large team of 100 people has been formed and many new products have been made

the fastest martial arts in the world cannot be broken.

1) it is necessary to accumulate resources quickly, train talents quickly, and make products faster. When there is nothing, reverse the product and quickly occupy the market. Sir, save and then develop

2) reverse engineering, making products, is the integration of resources, the construction of teams, and the cultivation of abilities. It is not easy

3) other people are already ahead. If you want to overtake in a corner and avoid other people's mistakes, you should analyze other people's products, not directly copy them. Instead, you should figure out why other people design them in this way and analyze them in principle. Otherwise, you can copy them one by one? Is it appropriate to copy Nokia and apple

4) in order to survive, the market can be fully competitive. On the basis of legal respect for intellectual property rights, the emergence of competitive products should be encouraged. If any company has developed a drug that can cure incurable diseases, and only one company can produce it, the price may soar

when the imitation ability is mature, then in order to occupy the market more, some people will do things that are not available in the world, do things that are more usable, and do things that are incomparably powerful. The world is so big and the market is so wide that there is no need to worry that China will only copy

I have always felt that it is precisely because our country is so large, has so many people, and has such strong demand that we can become a powerful country in the world. If high-precision machine tools are needed, they will be done immediately. If they are easy to use, they will be sold out immediately. First, we should improve the industrial system, and then someone will do it well. What you want is nothing. No matter how good your idea is, don't worry. That's it

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