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Fire risk of electric heating equipment and its fire prevention measures

electric heating equipment has a wide range of uses, various types and different types, and there are electric heating equipment everywhere from industrial enterprises to families. Industrial electric furnaces, electric ovens, electric irons, electric soldering irons, etc. are all electric heating equipment. The working temperature of electric heating equipment is generally very high, especially the large electric furnace used in industrial enterprises. If the equipment is defective, damaged or improperly used, it will have a greater fire risk. Some electric heating appliances with small power are often ignored by people, so that the equipment is not maintained, and the operation and use are careless and not strictly managed, which is also easy to cause a fire

(I) fire risk of electric heating equipment

the heating temperature of electric heating equipment is too high or the heating time is too long. Some electric heating equipment is not equipped with temperature control and alarm devices, or these devices have been damaged or malfunctioned; The temperature and time are not controlled according to the process requirements; The operator did not strictly monitor the heating time and temperature as required

the electric heating equipment has failure, damage, heat source leakage, or the electric heating equipment is improperly placed or the power conductor is overloaded, and the thermal insulation and refractory materials are damaged, resulting in the overflow of high-temperature hot body and hot liquid onto the electric heating elements; Use open electric heating appliances in flammable and explosive dangerous places; Due to the close connection between extruder products and strategic new industries in China, the incorrect and unreasonable selection of number, no necessary heat insulation measures or short circuit of electric heating elements will damage the insulation of wires and cause insulation combustion and short circuit fire

improper use or lax management. Electric irons, electric irons and other mobile electric heating appliances, without a unified management system, are casually placed on combustibles, or they are only for reference after the work is completed, and the power supply is not cut off after power failure, resulting in the electric heating appliances baking combustibles for a long time and fire; Illegal use of electric furnaces, resulting in line overload; The electric stove is placed and used casually to ignite the surrounding combustibles; Failure to operate in accordance with process requirements and operating procedures, resulting in combustion and explosion accidents; Incorrect use of electric heating appliances. For example, this or the documentary "plastic kingdom" is related to the electric heating appliance power line without a plug, which is directly inserted into the socket or used by people regardless of its power, which is easy to cause short circuit or poor contact; The lighting circuit is overloaded and a fire occurs

(II) fire prevention measures for electric heating equipment

large electric heating equipment for industrial use should be set up in grade I and II fire-resistant buildings, small electric heating equipment should be separately set up in rooms with non combustible materials, and ventilation, heat dissipation, ventilation and explosion-proof pressure relief measures should be taken

the power of electric heating equipment is relatively large. In order to prevent line overload, it is best to use a single power supply line, which usually has only a few MV. Wiring of fire-resistant and heat-resistant insulating materials should be used, and fuses and other protective devices should be installed

all kinds of electric heating equipment used in industry should be managed by special personnel, and safety operation procedures should be formulated and strictly observed

all kinds of electric heating equipment for industry should be equipped with temperature, time and other control and alarm devices. The operation time and temperature shall be strictly controlled

in the use and management of small electric heating equipment and appliances, such as electric ovens, electric irons, electric soldering irons, etc., attention should be paid to fire safety. When the electric heating equipment is powered on, do not leave easily, and cultivate the habit of cutting off the power supply when walking. Units that use more electric heating appliances should have special personnel responsible for cutting off the main power supply after work

according to the nature of electric heating equipment, necessary fire-fighting equipment should be equipped to put out the fire in time at the early stage of the fire

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