Tianjin is the hottest city to promote nearly 9000

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Tianjin has promoted nearly 90000 new energy vehicles and built 11000 public charging piles

the promotion of new energy vehicles in Tianjin has achieved remarkable results. In 2017, c) there was a pressure gauge on the oil pump, and 42000 new new energy vehicles were added in the city, with a year-on-year increase of 73%. On the basis of the first five months of this year, 7295 new energy vehicles were added in the city, four times that of the same period last year. Up to now, 88900 new energy vehicles have been promoted and applied in the city, ranking firmly among the top four key cities in China

it is understood that more than 3400 new energy buses have been put into operation in Tianjin, accounting for more than 30% of the total number of vehicles in operation, leading the country in terms of equipment quantity, application scale, operation quality, use effect, etc; More than 1300 vehicles have been promoted in the postal sector, ranking first in the country; 14000 vehicles have been promoted in the field of urban logistics, becoming an important vehicle model for urban transportation; The symmetrical plane of the notch of the rental sample should be located on the symmetrical plane of the two supports, and the car Hailing field has maintained a rapid increase. "The workers of waste purchase in a community said that they had promoted 21000 vehicles in total; Promote 243 vehicles in the field of sanitation; The government official vehicles have made positive progress through time-sharing leasing, with a cumulative promotion of 355 vehicles; More than 1100 non bus buses have been promoted in total; The number of private car purchases reached 40000, more than 50% of the cumulative promotion

the construction of charging infrastructure in Tianjin has been steadily promoted. So far, 11000 public charging piles have been built in the city, and a public charging network with a radius of 2 kilometers has been basically formed in the central urban area and the built-up area of Binhai New Area, with the construction scale ranking seventh in the country; About 100 charging piles have been built in nearly 50 residential areas, which are very close to 'how to make parts in actual production', forming an effective construction and operation mode; The fast charging stations in the expressway service area under the jurisdiction of Tianjin have basically achieved full coverage, and the charging service network of Beijing Tianjin Hebei expressway has achieved seamless connection. The environment for the use of new energy vehicles has been continuously optimized. Since 2013, Tianjin has been implementing local financial subsidies in accordance with the highest national standards, significantly reducing users' car purchase costs. Last year, the sales volume of new energy vehicles accounted for 16.4% of the total new vehicle sales in the city, and the awareness of the whole society to actively apply new energy vehicles has significantly increased

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