Fire gas chromatography SIMCA pattern recognition

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Feasibility study on gas chromatography SIMCA pattern recognition of 9 kinds of vegetable oils

Abstract: peanut oil, soybean

oil, rice bran oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower seed oil and sesame oil are distinguished by soft independentmodelingofclassanalysis (SIMCA) pattern recognition method How big can this experimental machine be used to test? For this reason, Jinan assaying editor consulted the technical personnel of the company and got the answer. The fatty acids of 219 samples of 9 kinds of vegetable oils were analyzed by gas chromatography, and the content of each fatty acid phase of each vegetable oil was obtained by area normalization method Taking the relative content of 9 fatty acids in each kind of vegetable oil as the national variable that India will be the fastest-growing country in the world, SIMCA analysis technology is used for data pre

processing, 2/3 samples are randomly taken as the calibration set, 1/3 as the validation set, the training set of 9 kinds of vegetable oil is analyzed by principal component analysis

(PCA), and the PCA model of each kind of oil is established through interactive verification, Then, the SIMCA discrimination

model established by the training set samples is used to verify the validation set samples The results show that SIMCA can cluster and identify nine kinds of vegetable oils respectively. The clustering accuracy of SIMCA analysis of each planting oil is 100%, except that the verification and identification accuracy of sesame oil is 75%, the other

is 100%

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