Fire fighting meteorological detection equipment

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Fire meteorological detection equipment

over the years, how to understand and deal with the damage of toxic substances and a variety of toxic gases in the fire to rescuers and other people and organisms as soon as possible has been a difficult problem for firefighters. In order to solve this problem, the German fire science and Technology Department has recently developed a portable mobile on-site meteorological detection device for the fire department, which only uses continuous fiber equipment where it is needed. This equipment can be used to quickly and accurately determine the content of toxic substances, the flow direction and speed of toxic gases in the fire site

the key instruments of this equipment are: (1) the analyzer installed in the vehicle and powered by 12 volt battery. It can accurately detect and analyze the flow direction and speed of toxic gas in the fire site; (2) The data sensor installed on the small support is combined with the analyzer; (3) The meteorological data simulator can display and store the environmental temperature, air humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation probability and other data measured by the equipment in time

the equipment is also equipped with temperature detectors, hygrometers, wind direction and wind meters and precipitation detectors for single detection for users to choose. The quartz clock combined with the equipment can display the accurate time of the toxic gas injury scene and near area measured by the equipment in time

in an emergency, the automatic detection equipment detects and displays the changes of temperature, wind force, wind speed and other information inside and outside the fire site every 10 seconds. In addition, this detection equipment can also check the damage degree of hot steam and toxic gas mixture to people and organisms in the fire scene, so that firefighters can take safety measures in time

in addition, the barometer in the equipment also automatically measures the air pressure on the site, and timely transmits information to the fire command center to predict the trends of on-site meteorological and air pressure changes and threats to safety within a few hours. If sudden changes are indeed possible in the re detection, the meteorological prediction equipment will send out light and sound alarm signals in time, if necessary, to remind people to strengthen safety equipment and leave the site temporarily

the wind meter in the equipment is used to detect, report and record the wind force within the wind speed range of 2~56 meters per second on site. The rain gauge can measure the on-site and near → gb/t21839 ⑵ 008 steel for prestressed concrete test methods; → ISO 15630 ⑶: 2002 "steel for prestressed concrete and steel for prestressed concrete test methods Part 3: Steel for prestressed concrete English version" (ISO 15630 ⑶: the rainfall that may occur in a few hours in zone 2002 is convenient for firefighters to take measures in time to prevent poisonous water from flowing into rivers or public water after extinguishing the fire, and to prevent serious injury to people, organisms and fruits and vegetables that people eat every day.

the small computer in the equipment can store all kinds of meteorological data measured in time as information for the reference of fire departments at all levels, so as to facilitate the extinguishing of toxic fires Take targeted measures in advance during disasters. After the equipment was put into use, it was welcomed by fire departments and the public everywhere, because the use of this equipment in the fire scene not only made firefighters safe, but also made people and organisms in the near area free of adhesives, which means that they were injured through bonding. At present, it is being promoted to use by fire departments in Germany and European countries

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