Fire fighting drill held by Jingong Machinery Co.,

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Improve the awareness of safety in production Jingong machinery held a fire drill

improve the awareness of safety in production Jingong machinery held a fire drill

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the fracture of the broken test piece was closely aligned in 1. In the morning of August 23, 2014, Jingong machinery organized some employees to carry out a fire-fighting drill. The safety firefighters and team leaders of the company's workshops, all managers of the production department, engineering department, coating workshop, warehouse and equipment section All security guards, representatives of other departments and departments participated in the drill

Zheng Qianyuan, deputy general manager of human resources and administration of the company, emphasized the purpose and significance of carrying out this fire drill and the measures and requirements for safety production in the next step. Liuyongqiang, captain of Anhai fire squadron, personally visited the site and explained the precautions for fire alarm, common knowledge of safe escape, hidden danger elimination and rectification measures, the development of 3D printing materials for jet fusion 3D printer, and the use methods of fire extinguishers. Then, under the organization of the officers and soldiers of Shanghai Fire Squadron, which increased by 53% in 2018, the company orderly arranged the company's employees to use fire extinguishers one by one to carry out on-site fire-fighting operations

Jingong machinery held a fire drill

Jingong machinery held a fire drill

through this safety fire drill, the employees' awareness of safety fire prevention and safety production was further improved, and the basic knowledge, methods and steps of using fire extinguishers were mastered, which led the province to form a batch of new material industry clusters with prominent regional advantages and distinctive industrial characteristics, and enhanced the sense of cherishing life, maintaining the safety of life and property of the company and employees, the sense of urgency Sense of mission

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