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With the development of offshore oil exploration and development, a large number and variety of offshore oil drilling platform groups have been formed. Due to the large number of combustibles, electric equipment and personnel concentration in the offshore drilling platform, once a fire occurs, it will cause heavy casualties and property losses

I. main characteristics and fire risk of offshore drilling platforms

1. complex structure and fast fire spread. The internal structure of offshore drilling platforms is very complex. In order to meet the needs of production and life, a large space is often divided into multiple rooms, resulting in compact internal compartments, narrow walkway width, low interlayer height, large stair slope, and small entrances and exits. Once a fire occurs, please immediately assist in troubleshooting or contact the company by phone, which is very easy to cause the fire to expand and spread rapidly

2. there are many combustibles and the fire load is large. Combustible materials are widely used in the decoration of the platform cabin. During the production process of the platform, a large amount of oil is needed; During the oil test, inflammables and explosives such as oil and natural gas are discharged, which expands the dangerous area of the platform, and it is very easy to cause a fire when encountering a fire source

3. there are many motor equipment and large power consumption. There are many types of drilling motors and production auxiliary equipment on the platform. Household appliances are placed in a centralized manner, and some electrical circuits are also laid and embedded in the decorative layer. Once the motor equipment and household appliances fail, or the wires are overloaded, short circuited, etc., it is easy to cause a fire

4. it is densely populated and relatively isolated, which is easy to cause heavy casualties. The platform staff live very densely, Outside "Invest a little more money, and the staff of the association also get on the platform from time to time, live in crowded places, and are unfamiliar with the platform channel. In case of fire, this hard work can still not hide the glory it brings. It is easy to produce panic, crowded with each other, and it is difficult to evacuate in time. In addition, offshore drilling platforms are far away from land and fight in isolation. In case of fire, it is difficult for personnel to escape, which is easy to cause secondary casualties.

II. Offshore drilling platform fire Disaster characteristics

1. it spreads rapidly and is easy to form cube combustion. In case of fire on the platform, the fire will quickly spread to the surrounding and upper and lower layers along the indoor and cabin machinery and equipment, cables, pipelines, walkways, stairs, entrances and exits, as well as steel plates with good conductivity, so that the fire will expand into large-area, multi-layer cube combustion in a short time

2. There is more smoke and toxic and harmful gases. Because there are many combustible materials, in case of fire, it can release harmful gases and smoke such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen chloride. In addition, the smoke mixed with toxic gases produced during combustion hinders people's line of sight, which will not only pose a direct threat to people's lives, but also affect firefighters' search for fire sources, evacuating personnel and materials, and fighting

3. the fire loss is large, which is easy to cause mass death and injury. The drilling platform has the characteristics of many rooms, many doors and windows, and many combustible substances. Because there are vertical and horizontal corridors in each floor of the building, the ventilation ducts of each room are connected with each other, and the ventilation conditions are extremely good. In case of a fire, it is often a place on fire, and smoke and flames will soon rush into the corridor, forming violent smoke convection. The fire will quickly expand to the whole platform, threatening the control room, living room Machinery compartment, oil storage compartment and other key parts. Once the fire is out of control, many precision instruments and important production facilities of the drilling platform will be burned, so that whether the electromechanical wiring of the drilling platform is firmly connected, and the command center will lose its function. Personnel will also have no way to escape because of the threat of the fire, which is very easy to form a major accident of mass death and injury

4. the combat environment is complex and the positional attack is difficult. As a fixed object that will move on the sea, drilling platforms are often limited by some natural conditions. Fire fighting will also be affected by external factors such as water flow, wind direction, water depth, tide and so on when fighting on the water surface, which makes it impossible or difficult for fire boats to approach and implement effective rescue. Due to the narrow corridors and passages of the drilling platform, a large number of items will be scattered everywhere after the fire, making the narrow passages even narrower. If the partition board of the cabin is burned down and the stairs are burned to form an obstacle, it will seriously hinder the rhythm of the attack and increase the difficulty of the attack

III. fire accident prevention and suppression countermeasures for offshore drilling platforms

based on the analysis of the architectural characteristics and fire characteristics of offshore drilling platforms, we realize that we should resolutely investigate and deal with the hidden dangers of platform fires and put an end to the occurrence of fire accidents. In daily work, according to the principle of "3E countermeasures", corresponding measures should be taken from three aspects: safety education, safety technology and safety management. For fire fighting, we should go through careful and meticulous reconnaissance, formulate a practical operational plan, and quickly and decisively control the rescue, so as to be invincible and invincible

1. safety education countermeasures

the main purpose of safety education is to strengthen people's safety awareness, have corresponding safety knowledge, form a scientific safety concept, understand safety production guidelines and policies, implement and abide by safety laws and regulations, and master safety management knowledge, safety technology and skills. Safety education can be divided into safety education for managers at all levels and safety education for employees. As a platform, safety managers must be familiar with national safety production guidelines, policies, regulations and standards, enhance safety awareness and legal concept, master basic knowledge of safety and health, and have certain safety management and decision-making ability. For platform workers, first of all, we should strengthen the education of basic knowledge of inflammables and explosives, be familiar with and master corresponding skills, and be able to protect and deal with emergencies; Secondly, relevant functional departments should strengthen training and assessment, and operators should work with certificates

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