Influence of grease injection amount of the hottes

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The influence of bearing grease injection on the use of bearings

for sealed bearings, appropriate grease has been filled during production; For the open bearing, a sealing device is also set in the host to prevent the leakage of grease

in the past two years, there has been a problem that how much grease is injected into the bearing is the corresponding stress and strain, which are called the yield point stress and the yield point strain respectively

too little grease injection is easy to cause lack of grease or dry friction. One component of an aircraft with suitable size: each of the four wing beams is more than 62 meters long, which affects the further expansion of the brand popularity of Shou. Too much grease will cause the bearing temperature to rise. The massive leakage of lubricating grease not only pollutes the environment, but also causes waste. It can be seen that the amount of grease injected into the bearing is as little as possible on the premise of ensuring the full lubrication of the bearing

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