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In September 2017, the market analysis report of China's best-selling 1000 yuan machine

the comprehensive screen suddenly attacked, competing for speed and passion. Only with speed can we reap the market, but passion is to rush to eat the full screen market at the risk of non full screen historical products or inventory

as the saying goes, a small boat makes a good turn. In 2017, the dark horse in the Chinese market, candy took the lead in offering 899 yuan full screen soap, fired the first shot of 1000 yuan full screen, and successfully sold nearly 130000 sets in JD mall

followed by koobee, Konka, SOP, etc., the second camp of Chinese brands is trying to sneak into Chinese mainstream brand manufacturers with a more cost-effective comprehensive screen

however, the mainstream brand manufacturers in China are also equally powerful, and the price of the glory best-selling 7x full screen is only 1299 yuan

according to reliable information from offline channels, Jinli will release nearly 20 new products in mid November, including new products with a thousand yuan comprehensive screen

the first research institute learned from offline channels that the proportion of people who actively change planes has exceeded 60% due to price attraction, recommendation and subjective preference

good brand reputation, higher hardware configuration, better appearance design, and smooth use experience have become the most important factors for consumers to buy

the first Research Institute believes that in the next six months, consumers will pay more attention to new products from the three aspects of processor, memory and battery to whether it is a comprehensive screen

because the offline channel has carried out comprehensive screen knowledge training for its shopping guides as early as the end of August

therefore, the full-scale screen war in the Chinese market has actually entered the stage of bayonet popularity, and the 1000 yuan machine market is also inevitable

it is worth noting that Konka, which returned to the domestic market in November 2015, completed its product layout in only one year, and successively released R series, e series, s series and star series products. Tens of thousands of retail outlets have been distributed nationwide, and the sales volume in some markets has reached TOP4

at the end of October, Konka launched another 1499 yuan full screen S5, trying to make a sudden rise in the second camp of Chinese brands

there is also the emerging SOP. The "King Kong" series launched last year solved the user pain point of intelligent non fall resistance at one stroke, and even upgraded the design concept of "fall resistance" products to "smash resistance". The superior product cost performance has won a good reputation from offline channels and consumers. In September, it not only included the imaging of material microstructure and its qualitative and quantitative characterization, but also launched the world's first comprehensive screen four camera SOP S9

the first Research Institute believes that in the 1000 yuan machine market, powerful small and medium-sized brands will take the opportunity of a comprehensive screen to expand their market space on the one hand, and accelerate the reshuffle of the Chinese market on the other hand

however, for China's offline channels suffering from low gross profit and zero profit, the biggest problem is still how to quickly adapt to the new retail model of "online and offline integration" in today's "negative growth in overall sales"

based on this, the "2017 communication retail contrarian innovation China trip" hosted by Changwen business school and co organized by the first research institute came into being. After the successful holding of the "2017 China travel of communication retail contrarian innovation" in Henan station, Shanxi Station, Xi'an station in Shaanxi Province, Nanjing station in Jiangsu Province and Shijiazhuang station in Hebei Province, Changsha, Hunan Province will be the target of the "2017 China travel of communication retail contrarian innovation"

DiXinTong, the largest chain store in China, launched the "dixinyunju" project, which plans to realize 200000 offline franchise stores within three years, aiming to integrate products, content and service resources from upstream to terminal, and create an open and mutually beneficial channel system

according to the principle that models below 1500 yuan are classified as "1000 yuan machines", according to the sales data of 10034 offline physical stores covering 25 provinces/municipalities directly under the central government/221 cities across the country. The results show that in September 2017, the overall offline market in Chinese Mainland completed a total of 15.878 million units, accounting for 48.1% of the overall offline market sales. At the same time, the replacement cycle of users continues to extend. In 2017, the replacement cycle of Q3 Chinese users reached a record high of 22.10 months

adjust the level of experimental machines

the increase in the share of models below 1000 yuan in September was driven by the subsidy policies of Chinese mobile operators

the first Research Institute believes that the comprehensive screen gives China's small and medium-sized brand manufacturers another opportunity to rise

the first research institute stated that the data sources of the monthly market analysis report of China's popular 1000 yuan machine came from chain stores in 25 provinces, which only reflected the market situation of domestic chain stores

the 2017 monthly market analysis report of China's top selling 1000 yuan machines is also one of the basis for the selection of "2017 China good", which also means that the selection activity of "2017 China good" has begun in January 2017, and the selection standard is whether consumers are willing to "pay the bill"

the third "China good award ceremony" of 2017 will be grandly held at Westin Hotel, Yitian, Shenzhen on December 14 and 15, 2017. At the same time, two major theme summits will be held: China Communications Summit Forum and black technology summit. At present, Jiangfen magnetic material ( Dijing Optoelectronics) has become the exclusive naming unit of the third "China good award ceremony" and black technology summit of 2017

according to seven star chain, Zhejiang telephone world, Guangxi wangzhe communication, Sichuan Longxiang communication, Guangdong Lidi communication, Guangdong xinxingyuan digital chain, Heilongjiang Lexus chain, Hainan wangzhe Tianchuang, Shanxi Taitong technology, Shanxi Yuanda communication, Hunan Qixin communication, Jiangxi Lihua communication, Hubei Jiuding communication, Jilin Tiantian, Yunnan Jiuji, Gansu Yueda, Shaanxi Zhongren, Henan brother communication chamber of Commerce, Henan Guoyu The statistical results of sales data of national chain stores such as Henan Shengtian, Jiangsu Guo, Hebei Runde, Xiamen Zhongqiao, DiXinTong, Guizhou Chengxun, Sichuan Huawei, Chongqing Qingxiang Jiayin, and Dadi communication show that in September 2017, the number of thousand yuan machine brands sold in China's offline channels reached 23, a decrease of 7 compared with August; There are 40 models on sale, with a decrease of 7 models compared with August

in September, the number of thousand yuan machine brands and running volume models sold in China's offline channels returned to a declining channel. The first Research Institute believes that despite the double benefits of summer promotion and operator subsidies, the continuous reshuffle trend of Chinese small and medium-sized brands is still irreversible

● data source: sample monitoring of 10034 chain stores in 221 cities

● any market monitoring data appearing in the report of the first research institute, if there is no special prompt, means that: within the scope of Chinese Mainland, the sales volume of first-hand goods sold through physical retail channels within a certain time period does not include overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan data, does not include e-commerce channel data, and does not include sales data through wholesale channels

in September 2017, the sales volume of China's Qianyuan machine brand was top 20

vivo, oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Jinli, Hongmi, Duowei, China Mobile, glory and Samsung became the top 10 in September 2017

Noah's letter, Lefeng, Meilan, candy, green orange, Konka, Asia Olympic Games, zhizunbao, xiaotiancai and Baihe became the top 11 to top 20 in the sales of China's thousand yuan machine brands in September 2017

there are three points worth noting. First, the sales positions of Xiaomi and Hongmi are stable at top 4 and top 6 respectively, indicating that Xiaomi's offline market strategy has gradually worked

second, the brand sales positions of, Huawei and glory fell to top3 and Top9 respectively, which should be related to the impact of Xiaomi's rapid market rise

third, a large number of small and medium-sized brands poured into the top20 of China's Qianyuan machine brand sales in September, indicating that the offline market pattern of Qianyuan machine is undergoing subtle changes

in September 2017, there were a total of 40 thousand yuan machine models that were sold in the offline channels in Chinese Mainland, and the basic distribution is: vivo 4, Huawei 4, Jinli 4, Duowei 4, glory 3, oppo 2, Hongmi 2, Noahs 2, Xiaomi 1, China Mobile 1, Samsung 1, Yaao 1, Lefeng 1, zhizunbao 1, Meilan 1, Xiaotian 1, Baihe 1, candy 1, green orange 1, Konka 1, fengdatong 1 Bailingtong 1, 151

in September 2017, China's top selling 1000 yuan machines were 20

oppo a57, vivo y66, Xiaomi 5x, Huawei Changxiang 7, Hongmi 4a, oppo A37, Jinli F100, vivo y55, China Mobile A3, Huawei Changxiang 6S, becoming the top 10 of China's top selling 1000 yuan machines in September 2017

Samsung Galaxy J3, Hongmi 4x, Huawei Changxiang 6, Jinli King Kong 2, vivo y53, glory changwan 6a, Duowei V11, Lefeng T7 +, Jinli f109, s glory 8 Youth Edition were ranked from top 11 to top 20 of China's top selling 1000 yuan machines in September 2017

it is worth noting that Xiaomi 5x and Huawei Changxiang 7 rank top 3 and top 4 respectively, which once again illustrates the impact of Xiaomi's lower market on Huawei

in September 2017, among the top 20 top selling 1000 yuan machines in China, there were 3 vivo models, 3 Huawei models, 3 Jinli models, 2 oppo models, 2 Hongmi models, 2 glory models, 1 duo Wei, Lefeng, Samsung, Xiaomi and China Mobile

from the change of top 20 of China's popular 1000 yuan machine in September, it can be seen more intuitively that the competition of China's mainstream brands represented by "Jinhua ov" in the 1000 yuan machine market is in a stalemate state. Perhaps only by looking at the market performance of 1000 yuan full screen in October can we distinguish "male and female"

the market direction of China's top selling thousand yuan machine suppliers and core components

due to trade secrets, the shipment volume of each manufacturer in the supply chain will not be made public for the time being. Please understand from colleagues in the industry

in September, the top 20 of China's top selling 1000 yuan machine has not yet appeared, but it is expected to appear in October, so put the pie chart first

(Note: the introduction standard of full screen models is to use screens with a ratio of more than 18:9)

screen size and screen proportion

the static state of the following chart seems to be more indicative of the eve of the attack of the 1000 yuan full screen

fuselage materials

in September 2017, among the top 20 top selling 1000 yuan machines in China, there were 10 models with metal back cover, 2 less than that in August, and 1 model with double-sided glass. It is worth noting that glass fiber composite board can be quickly used in thousand yuan machine models because of its metal highlight. Oppo and vivo may be the first ones to be imported

Rongyang industry ( and Hesheng Co., Ltd. ( are the main suppliers of metal fuselage materials

it is worth noting that Husheng Co., Ltd. has developed and produced national standard shell products for electronic universal experimental machines, which have been applied to the intelligence of vivo, oppo, Samsung, Meizu, LETV and other brands. In the first half of this year, the metal panel revenue of Hesheng shares was 142million yuan. Recently, Hesheng shares invested 5.37 million yuan to add a No. 27 extrusion production line, which has been put into production, increasing the production capacity of the company's metal panels, flat-panel TV frames, consumer electronics shells and other consumer electronics products

h638 (Hesheng) AI mg Si Cu alloy with high strength and excellent anode decoration effect, which is newly developed, is favored by terminal manufacturers


in September 2017, 10 of the top 20 1000 yuan machines in China used fingerprint recognition, accounting for 50%

as the face recognition function has been quickly accepted by consumers, it will become one of the innovative selling points. The first research institute predicts that there will be individual 1000 yuan opportunities to be equipped with face recognition in Q1 2018

touch display

in September 2017, one of the top 20 popular 1000 yuan machines in China adopted the incell screen, which is Huawei Changxiang 6

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