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Marine engineering equipment ushers in the golden season of development and will become a new pillar of the marine economy

marine engineering equipment ushers in the golden season of development and will become a new pillar of the marine economy

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marine engineering equipment is regarded as an important carrier for the realization of China's dream of becoming a marine power, and it is also a new pillar industry of China's marine economy in the future. A few days ago, an expert said that China's marine engineering equipment is ushering in the golden season of development, and the market in front of China's marine engineering enterprises will be a $100 billion market

Clarkson research, an international shipbuilding consultancy, predicts that the shipping industry will need as much as $1.4 trillion in capital investment in. Stopford, President of Clarkson, said that for shipyards, a larger potential investment area is marine engineering. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, there will be a market space of more than 400billion U.S. dollars for the steel industry in the offshore industry

then, how much "cake" can Chinese enterprises get

experts said that at present, China's orders of marine engineering products have accounted for more than three components of the global market. According to the data released by the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, in the first half of 2014, China undertook orders for 81 marine engineering equipment of various types, with a contract amount of 7.9 billion yuan, and the world market share has increased to 32%, ranking first in the world

at the same time, the China Shipbuilding Industry Association reminded that after years of prosperity, China's marine equipment market must also maintain the weight at the lowest level, and will enter the adjustment period in the past two years. The trading volume of jack up drilling platforms in various countries, especially, has an obvious downward trend, which is detrimental to the development of China's marine engineering and marine equipment industry, which mainly undertakes the construction of jack up platforms. We must vigorously improve our competitiveness in the high-end marine engineering market

sunyuanhui, CEO of Shandong Ocean Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., said that ocean engineering can be divided into coastal engineering, offshore engineering and deep-sea engineering. As far as coastal engineering is concerned, China can design independently, but some cutting-edge products in the deep sea cannot pass the test at present

Wu Jusheng, director of strategic development of det Norske Veritas, said that at present, China cannot compete with South Korea in the deep-sea field. South Korea's transformation from shipbuilding to offshore engineering is 15 years earlier than China, and has accumulated rich experience. China's offshore industry needs more support from the government when it lags behind

a positive signal is that in recent years, the Chinese government and enterprises have continuously increased investment in marine technology, and the grade of marine engineering equipment has been continuously improved. China's "deep-sea heavy equipment" has begun to attract attention in the world market. In the South China Sea, the operation of offshore oil 981 deepwater semi submersible drilling platform broke the monopoly of foreign countries in the field of deepwater drilling; In the North Sea of Norway, the Deepwater semi submersible drilling platform delivered by CIMC Raffles won the "best monthly platform" five times; Two years ago, the Jiaolong manned deep-water vehicle successfully completed the 7000 meter sea trial, enabling China to carry out scientific research and resource exploration in 99.8% of the global ocean depths. In the eyes of experts, "Jiaolong" has undoubtedly become the image spokesman of China's marine equipment

liushuguang, deputy dean of the school of economics of Ocean University of China, said that the ocean is a giant composite ecosystem that must ensure that the refrigeration tank is filled with refrigeration materials. The development and utilization of marine resources requires a systematic understanding of the ocean, which is inseparable from equipment support

the "roadmap for the development of marine science and technology to 2050" issued by the marine field strategy research group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences points out that the current new round of marine competition is completely different from any previous marine competition, and the level of marine science and technology and innovation ability will dominate the marine competition without the first test point

experts predict that with the end of the technology introduction, digestion and absorption period of some enterprises in the past two years, they can better control costs and improve profit margins, coupled with the recovery of global demand, China's marine engineering enterprises will usher in rapid development

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