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Marcomcentral provides new solutions for web printing

California news, as a top supplier of SaaS (software-as-a-service that strives to accurately predict future market trends and market dynamics at the same time), printable technologies has been committed to web printing and personalized marketing solutions. Recently, the company announced a new web printing system that makes them feel proud, fusionpro web, This will become the new brand strategic development direction of printable technologies. This system can greatly enhance the ability of software operation, and will reshape the breadth and depth of SaaS solutions. Due to this evolution, this new set of web printing solutions provided by marcomcentral will undoubtedly become the leader in market communication management

we are very excited to officially launch marcomcentral, a new brand product. Coleman Kane, President and CEO of printable technologies, said that this is a new product service direction. Marcomcentral can better reflect the functions of the system and avoid repeated input with the user group; It can calculate the relationship of some data and make it a new printing service. From the initial feedback, the change is huge

marcomcentral is an efficient and flexible market management system, which consists of a store that receives scheduled information, an information window that manages the production process, and a systematic management tool. The brand will be officially launched through various channels in August and September 2009

for web printing, a square level can be used to lean against the vertical and horizontal positions on the outer surface of the oil cylinder, that is, web to print. From the English explanation, it is clear that it is not a printing method, but a printing solution, from web to print. Web printing is a convenient way to realize printing with the popularization of web technology. The significance of online printing is to expand the range of products and the types of value-added services, while reducing the operating costs of printing plants. With the deepening of digital printing, the stage of web printing has become wider and wider

The development of web printing needs the development and innovation of technology, and the promotion and popularization of technology is a process. When the technology is mature and popularized, it will not be a problem for the new concept to be widely accepted. Web printing has become a new trend in the printing industry. The progress of web technology and the unremitting efforts of printing software developers will help push web printing forward

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