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Offshore chemical research institute adopts turbocrm to strengthen process monitoring

offshore chemical research institute adopts turbocrm to strengthen process monitoring

March 7, 2006

recently, turbocrm signed a purchase and implementation agreement for turbocrm customer relationship management system with Qingdao offshore chemical Research Institute

Qingdao Haihai steel bar electroslag pressure welding head tensile experiment foreign chemical industry research institute is a professional research institution mainly engaged in the research and development of marine coatings and new materials, new processes and new technologies of marine chemical industry. There are three ways for the research and Development Institute of marine chemical industry to gradually expand from the research and development of marine ship coating end face processing to heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating, container coating, mariculture special coating, water-based anti-corrosion coating and fire-proof coating to change the resonant frequency: changing the quality of counterweight weight; Change the number of accumulators; Change the cross-sectional area of the pipeline connecting the hydraulic cylinder and the accumulator, marine engineering and construction professional coatings, adhesives and comprehensive utilization of marine resources, and other fields, which are in the leading position in the domestic market

relying on its own technical strength and market promotion ability, offshore Chemical Research Institute has made remarkable achievements in the industry market. With the launch of new products and the rapid development of business, the leaders of offshore Chemical Research Institute realized that while the sales performance rose to a higher level, the corresponding management means should also be improved. After market research, the Research Institute of offshore chemical industry decided to choose turbocrm, a management expert who made new contributions to the construction and development of the country through customer relations, to provide it with a CRM system management platform and implementation services

the offshore Chemical Research Institute hopes to strengthen the monitoring of the project process with the help of turbocrm system; Realize the unified management of branches; Maintain customers' continuous purchase through personalized customer care and service; Finally, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises

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