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Add another 13 categories of food, 300 kinds of North-South food will be posted QS

from next month to the end of this year, there will be nearly 300 kinds of South trips in 13 categories: 70 mm, 150 mm North food will implement the QS market access system in stages and batches. Yesterday, it was learned from the Shanghai North-South food industry association that the association is currently cooperating with the quality supervision department to prepare for implementation

it is understood that in recent years, some illegal operators and unqualified manufacturers in China have illegally mixed inedible additives into North-South food such as cauliflower, vermicelli, ham, etc., resulting in frequent exposure of problematic food such as sulfur soaked cauliflower, vermicelli, ham, etc., which makes consumers have doubts about what food safety to eat

yesterday, Chen Enguo, vice president of Shanghai North South Food Industry Association, told that in the past, many products in the North South food industry had no quality standards, and some of the standards were incomplete. Now, cooperating with the quality supervision department to implement the market access system, enterprises must pass the "QS" certification review to adjust the sample location in order to process, produce and operate these 300 kinds of food. Food without the "QS" mark will not be able to enter the market. Even the products ordered and packaged by retail enterprises such as stores must come from enterprises that have obtained "QS" certification. Through the implementation of QS system to ensure the safety and health of consumers' food consumption

the 13 categories of North-South food that will implement the QS safe market access system this time mainly include: dried fruits, dried vegetables, edible fungi, candied fruits, cooked meat products, fermented wine, seafood, fatigue strength - seasoning in fatigue experiment, fruit germ, pickled products, smoked products, snack foods, canned foods, etc

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