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In real life, many people have this experience: they carefully selected the range hood from the mall and bought it back. When they were ready to install it, they found that they needed to install the smoke exhaust pipe. At this time, the kitchen had finished the ceiling. After finding a master to remove the ceiling and reinstall it, they found that the effect of the range hood was very poor. When they used it, there were often cases of range hood refilling, range hood dripping oil, and excessive noise. What's the problem? Is it the quality of range hood products? Or the installation of range hood? Experts remind: in addition to choosing a good range hood, a large part of the problem lies in the installation of range hood! It is the experience and lesson of millions of people to choose a range hood with good effect, embed smoke pipes before decoration, entrust professionals to operate the installation of range hood, and overhaul the public flue. Four pain points that affect users' future lifestyle ―

pain point 1: not choosing a really good range hood

what kind of range hood is a good range hood? Many users have this personal experience: when demonstrating in the mall, the feeling of different brands of range hoods is not very different, but when you buy it home and use it, you will find that the difference is not a little! As the real kitchen environment is far more complex than the zero load demonstration environment of the mall, it needs to face multiple challenges such as the direction of public flue and smoke pipe. Therefore, a really good lampblack machine needs to face the real kitchen environment, master the operation law of lampblack, and be able to realize the accurate control of lampblack particles and completely hold lampblack. Changing the traditional smoking mode will also give full play to the beauty and practicality of the range hood, creating an unprecedented good effect of range hood. A truly effective range hood is the premise of professional installation of range hood. Otherwise, no matter how professional the installation is, it cannot guarantee the smoke-free environment in the kitchen

pain point 2: there is no embedded smoke pipe

why should the smoke pipe be embedded before decoration? A large number of cases show that if residents do not embed smoke pipes before decoration, it is likely to cause poor smoke absorption, loud kitchen noise, machine shaking and other bad conditions, as well as the unsightly installation of the overall cabinet. This not only affects cooking mood, but also affects health and quality of life. Therefore, it is very important to embed smoke pipes before decoration

pain point 3: installation by non professionals

due to the non-standard installation of smoke pipes by non professionals, there are many problems such as insufficient workmanship and incorrect connection of smoke pipes, resulting in oil leakage. Before installation, it is recommended to invite professionals to investigate the site first, inspect or transform the flue, and make professional design for the installation position and socket position of the range hood, so as to avoid the pain of reworking and removing the ceiling or hanging cabinet due to unsightly installation and poor smoking effect. Pain point 4: the public flue is blocked

I've only heard of some developers compressing the green space of the community and reducing the building spacing. Haven't I heard of compressing the public flue? But in fact, due to the unclear requirements of the current building code for the cross-sectional area and emission capacity of the flue, the current residential flue market is relatively chaotic, and some developers cut corners, resulting in a generally small cross-sectional area of the flue and insufficient emission capacity of high-rise residential buildings. Because the public flue is compressed, or there are massive objects falling during the decoration of high-rise buildings, it is easy to cause the public flue to be blocked, which will lead to problems such as poor smoke exhaust





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