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As a dealer, I have integrated into Adan's strong team. Only with Adan's personnel support and product support can we do so well, which also makes us very confident to promote Adan's products

from March 25 to 26, the dealer conference of "smart gathering and win the future" of Yadan wardrobe was grandly held in Country Garden Phoenix Hotel, Zhaoqing, Guangdong. More than 400 dealers from all over the country gathered together to share the fruitful achievements of Yadan wardrobe in 2013, look forward to the new blueprint for the future of Yadan wardrobe, and formulate the development strategy and goals of Yadan wardrobe in 2014. Huiya information and home hotline, as invited media, followed the whole process, and interviewed some excellent dealers of Yadan to share their stories with Yadan

interview guests: Yadan wardrobe Dongguan Chang'an dealer Liu Yong

home hotline: Hello! First of all, when did you join Yadan wardrobe

president Liu: Hello, I joined Yadan wardrobe last May

home hotline: what makes you choose Adan wardrobe

Mr. Liu: I also made a lot of preparations and information before choosing a brand. Then, with the recommendation of people in the industry, I got to know Yadan wardrobe. I learned that Yadan wardrobe has been a little dark horse in the wardrobe industry in recent years. Yadan's leapfrog development stimulated my interest in joining. Then I visited Yadan company myself and finally decided to join Yadan

home hotline: after cooperating for so long, what new understanding do you have of Adan brand? Is it the same as you expected

president Liu: I haven't worked in the wardrobe industry before, and I feel much better than I expected after joining Yadan. Yadan wardrobe has a strong marketing team, which provides point-to-point service and support to our new dealers. Every time we do activities in the store, the company will help us in the whole process, telling us how to carry out activities and how to talk about customer orders. Thank Yadan very much for this marketing team

home hotline: as one of the excellent dealers of Yadan, what experience do you have to share with you

president Liu: as a dealer, I have integrated into Yadan's strong team. Only with Yadan's personnel support and product support can we do so well, which also makes us very confident to promote Yadan's products

home hotline: finally, please take this opportunity to express your expectations for Yadan in the future, or send a few blessings

president Liu: I wish Yadan's wardrobe to take the lead and prosper! Become a leading brand in the wardrobe industry




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