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Water parts quality

most of the problems with the toilet appear on the water parts. Once the water parts get worse, it will greatly affect the use. Therefore, when purchasing the toilet, we must pay attention to the water parts of the toilet to see whether they have been installed, whether they are compact in structure, whether the movable parts are flexible, etc. in terms of material, copper or polymer materials are the best materials for water parts

water saving

under the condition of ensuring sanitary requirements, use function and transmission capacity of drainage pipeline, the toilet with no leakage and a flushing water volume of no more than 6L is listed as a water-saving toilet


pay attention to the glaze of the toilet. The glaze of the toilet with good quality should be smooth and smooth without blistering, and the color should be saturated. After inspecting the glaze of the outer surface, you should also touch the sewer of the toilet. If it is rough, it is easy to cause hangover in the future


large diameter sewage pipes with glaze on the inner surface are not easy to hang dirty, and the sewage discharge is rapid and powerful, which can effectively prevent blockage. Test method, put the whole hand into the toilet mouth, and generally have a palm capacity is the best


when buying a toilet, after determining the appearance of the toilet and the quality of various hardware, we also need to pay attention to whether the size of the toilet is suitable, especially whether the distance between the outlet of the base and the rear wall of the toilet water tank is the same as the distance between the outlet of the bathroom and the wall at home. If these sizes cannot be met, they cannot be purchased

installation and service

when purchasing, confirm whether it is equipped with hoses, triangle valves, sealing rings and other accessories, and whether it is packaged for installation. If extra charges are required, determine the amount of charges. Whether the after-sales service is provided, the brand water parts are guaranteed for 3 years, and the ceramic products will not have quality problems in normal use within 5 years

sometimes the quality of the toilet may affect our happiness. When choosing a toilet, we must pay attention to whether the above items meet the standards, and don't just pay attention to the appearance of the toilet. Finally, if your home is just about to be decorated, then quickly enter the Wuhan home decoration network decoration bidding platform. You can choose from more than 60 decoration companies in Wuhan, as well as free room measurement, free supervision, decoration fund reduction and other concessions. Details





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