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Many people know that waxing solid wood floor is to increase brightness, protect the surface from wear and easy to clean, because the surface of solid wood floor is plated with surface paint or UV acrylic paint. Although it has certain brightness and is not easy to be worn, it is far from the wear-resistant layer of laminate floor. Laminate floor (commonly known as laminate floor or laminate floor, scientific name: impregnated paper laminated wood floor), lined with moisture-proof and deformation proof bottom paper, covered with wear-resistant and beautiful surface paper, is pressed into a new type of wood floor under high temperature and high pressure by modern electromechanical equipment

laminate flooring is generally divided into three layers: surface layer, substrate layer and bottom layer. Its advantage is that it has high wear resistance

when waxing on laminate floors, there will be:

1. The brightness cannot be improved and the use standard specified by the state cannot be reached

2. Because the laminate floor itself has a wear-resistant layer, waxing on it seems unnecessary. Waxing on the wear-resistant layer is not directly rubbing the floor, but rubbing the wax film layer, causing many users to mistakenly think that the laminate floor is very "delicate"

3. It is easy to do cleaning on the wear-resistant layer. It is more troublesome to do it after waxing. Finally, I would like to inform the majority of consumers that laminate flooring does not need waxing




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