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Emerson promoted two new industrial control products SK and EC10 to appear in the Shanghai promotion meeting. On June 29, accompanied by the lively music and the graceful dancing posture of the dancers, the "Emerson SK and EC10 industrial control new product launch" themed "excellent quality and outstanding performance" was grandly held in Portman Ritz Carlton Shanghai. The two heavyweight new products SK and EC10 introduced by Emerson company in this promotion meeting attracted wide attention of many participants. Industry experts said that the introduction of SK and EC10 would bring new vitality to the industrial control industry (network energy market) and become the best choice for OEM mechanical supporting equipment

Emerson, the sponsor of this new product promotion conference, is one of the world's top 500 enterprises and one of the world's oldest multinational companies. Its business areas include industrial automation, process control, network energy, environmental regulation, home appliances and tools. Its business covers more than 150 countries around the world, with more than 60 outstanding subsidiaries and 110000 employees. In fiscal year 2005, it achieved sales revenue of US $17.3 billion. Among them, Emerson Industrial automation, one of Emerson's five business areas, achieved a sales revenue of $3.2 billion in fy2005. Emerson Industrial control products in China have also made great achievements. At present, China has become one of the important R & D, manufacturing and service bases of Emerson Industrial control products

it is understood that in this "excellent quality and outstanding performance - Emerson SK and EC10 industrial control new product press conference" ("Emerson Industrial control new product sk/ec10 promotion press conference"), the SK inverter launched by Emerson incorporated the world's leading control technology of Emerson Inverter and the new customized design concept of general inverter. The three product design highlights of "small size, superior performance and supporting customer personalized function design" aroused the great interest of the participants. With advanced technical features and personalized functional design, SK has also become a new and best choice for OEM in the industrial control (network energy) industry

at the same time, another highlight of this press conference is the introduction of EC10 micro programmable controller by Emerson, which is a very excellent product. It is a new product based on the active innovation and improvement of the original product EC20 to meet the needs of users for compact, high-performance and economical PLC. EC10 products not only have the excellent performance of EC20, but also have a higher development in the performance of the product through a series of innovations and improvements. In addition, EC10's reliable program safety, as well as the very rich product functions of high-pressure oil and operating parts, it can be said that the progressiveness of Emerson's product technology and the richness of product functions are highly reflected in EC10

the spokesman of Emerson said that Emerson SK and EC10 are new industrial control products developed based on Emerson's leading industrial control technology and market characteristics. Emerson has long been committed to the research and development of industrial control products and has advanced R & D technology. Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd. also pays attention to the development of 37 steel strands for prestressed concrete in the domestic market. It is believed that with Emerson's excellent product technology, reliable product quality and complete after-sales service, SK and EC10 can be fully recognized by the market and have good market promotion value

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