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Recently, Yibin Junlian Chuanmei Cement Co., Ltd. has greatly improved the production of cement mills through technical reform, reaching the domestic advanced level. The original four packaging machines can no longer meet the production needs. 8. Speed accuracy: ± 0.5%; Under the normal operation status (1) check that the power supply of the measurement and control box of the universal experimental machine is not turned on. With the continuous expansion of the sales area and the continuous adjustment of the customer structure, the original packaging capacity has increasingly become the primary factor restricting the rapid and steady development of the enterprise. In the process of testing, the force value is usually closed-loop controlled by the computer. The leaders of the company decided to add two more packaging machines on the existing basis to balance the grinding and packaging sales relationship and ensure the healthy development of the enterprise

according to the company's finished products department, this technical transformation mainly includes adjusting the mill grading so that the incoming materials can be fully ground; Improve the feed ram of the roller press to make the materials cut evenly; Adjust the oil pressure system of the roller press, improve the crushing capacity of the roller press, reduce the particle size of materials into the mill, and create conditions for grinding; Reasonably adjust the air volume of the tail exhaust fan, circulating fan and the frequency of the powder concentrator to improve the powder separation efficiency and reduce the return material in the mill. The technical transformation started at the end of May and took two weeks to complete

it is reported that at present, the products of Junlian Sichuan coal cement Co., Ltd. Sichuan coal brand cement have four varieties: p.c32.5, p.c32.5r, P.O42.5 and p.o42.5r. They are mainly sold in Zhaotong and Yibin areas of Yunnan, and most of them are rural customers

the leaders of the company said that on the one hand, they should improve the brand image, expand the sales scope and occupy a broader market; On the other hand, we should gradually adjust the customer structure and increase the proportion of large customers and industrial users. The original packaging capacity of the company is more than 6000 tons, which can basically meet the production and marketing needs before the technical transformation; After the successful technical transformation, the existing packaging capacity has not matched the production of cement mill, which is likely to affect the development of sales. It is imperative to add two packaging machines

after the two packaging machines are installed in place, the packaging capacity will be increased to more than 10000 tons, and the monthly production and sales volume of Junlian Sichuan coal cement Co., Ltd. is expected to exceed 200000 tons. At that time, the market share of Sichuan coal cement will be further increased, and the company will play a more important role in accelerating the pace of local elimination of backward production capacity and promoting the development of local economy

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