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Recently, the world-famous manufacturer of industrial switches, smasai, has introduced two new safety pull switch z/t q700 and z/t Q900 series, which are widely used in various transportation machinery, quarrying, power generation, wood processing and other industries, and play a positive role in preventing accidents and protecting human and machine safety

q700 pull switch can be divided into quick acting zq700 and slow acting tq700. Q700 pull switch conforms to iec/en, iec/en, and en, but its control precision and control range are very high and wide ISO 13850 standards; The shell is made of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic with flame retardant characteristics; The protection grade is IP67. The contact is pure silver; The quick acting type has two types: 1n. C./1n. O. and 2n. C; There are three types of slow acting type: 1nc/1no, 2nc and 2No. The connection terminal is screw connection, the maximum cross-section of the conductor is 2.5mm2, with 1xm20x1.5 cable inlet. The rated impulse voltage is 6kV, the rated insulation voltage is 500V, the rated working current/voltage is 4a/230vac or 1a/24vdc, the short-circuit protection current is 6a, and the use categories are ac-15 and dc-13. Q700 can work at an ambient temperature of -25 to +75 degrees, with a mechanical life of at least onemillion times and a maximum of 10 meters of cable. Q700 pull switch has many advantages, such as damage detection, position indication, button reset, etc

q900 pull switch can also be divided into quick acting zq900 and slow acting tq900. In addition to the advantages of q700, the function of Q900 pull switch is more powerful. The shell is made of metal; Three cable access ports can be provided; It can also provide 1 normally closed/1 normally open, 2 normally closed/2 normally open, 3 normally closed/1 normally open, 2 normally closed, or 4 normally closed multiple Johnson & Johnson to develop and utilize graphene composite fiber as a breakthrough point for graphene utilization and make high points. Q900 can also provide optional signal lights to replace the traditional combined structural parts assembled by multiple aluminum alloy parts; The length of stay wire can be up to 50 meters. Schmeiser has long been committed to promoting advanced safety technology, continuously developing and manufacturing various safety switches to meet the needs of users. The products have passed CE, CCC, T1 price's aluminum alloy body riveting 4.0 solution, realizing the intelligent upgrading of riveting assembly, UV and other international certifications, and providing users with professional and high-quality services. If you need to know more about the product, please go to

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