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The two new national standards for natural rubber industry began to be implemented on December 1

news from the natural rubber sub Technical Committee of the National Technical Committee for standardization of rubber and rubber products, The two new national standards formulated and promulgated by the association, gb/t "guidelines for technical classification of natural raw rubber (TSR) specifications" and gb/t "packaging, marking, storage and transportation of natural raw rubber standard rubber", have been implemented since December 1, 2008 in the 200 Jinan trial after-sales service commitment

the newly issued gb/but it can't be said that there is no way. Compared with the previous standards, the specification guidelines for natural raw rubber technology graded rubber (TSR) has added three grades of all latex (SCR WF), No. 10 constant viscosity rubber (scr10cv) and No. 20 constant viscosity rubber (scr20cv) and their corresponding performance requirements, and deleted No. 50 glue (scr50) and its corresponding performance requirements. It is estimated that the demand for power batteries will reach 96.9gwh in 2020

compared with the previous standards, the newly issued gb/t standard rubber packaging, marking, storage and transportation of natural raw rubber mainly adjusts the packaging weight and specifications of the standard rubber: for the 33.3kg spring testing machine, there are three types of rubber packages, the specifications are 670mm long, 330mm wide and 200mm high; For the rubber bag weighing 35kg, the specification is 680mm long, 340mm wide and 200mm high; Original standard (weight: 40kg 0.2kg)

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