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Two new versions of ABB large industrial robots

- IRB 6700 robot series are the result of 40 years of technological evolution of ABB large robots. As a new generation of technology leading product, this robot has a number of improvements and upgrades to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO)

over the past 40 years, ABB's large industrial robots have evolved continuously to meet the needs of modern production. Our rich experience enables us to fully understand customer needs. The technology is mainly divided into electric broaching machine and manual broaching machine. The capability enables us to produce the most robust and cost-effective machines. In november2013, abb launched four versions of the seventh generation large robot IRB 6700. Today, abb has launched two more versions (IRB/2.85 and IRB/2.60), once again setting a new benchmark for similar products

irb 6700 not only improves accuracy, load capacity and speed, but also reduces power consumption by 15% and improves maintainability. In order to accurately determine the improvement direction, abb has conducted a detailed study on the field use of IRB versions prior to 6700 and has maintained close cooperation with customers in the practical verification for up to one year

generally speaking, we will focus on performance in robot design. This time we focus on reliability and reducing total cost of ownership (t Xingbang CO), mentioned by Ola svanstr m, ABB's large robot product manager. IRB 6700 focuses on MTBF (mean time between failures), MTTR (mean time to repair) and the factors necessary to achieve these goals

6700 series each robot is designed with lean ID (a latest integrated dressing solution), which aims to achieve a balance between cost and reliability by integrating the outermost components of the dress P which cannot directly display the internal and displacement curves ack like the tensile testing machine into the robot. A lean ID for the IRB 6700 simplifies programming and simulation due to easy prediction of cable movements, reduces footprint, and increases maintenance intervals due to reduced comprehensive wear

our automotive customers told us that it is common to make changes to the welding dress pack of 60% of robots every year, svanstr m added. With the help of IRB 6700 series, we can deliver the dress pack with the same standard warranty as the robot. This is a huge improvement in terms of trouble free running time

when designing new robots, improving maintainability is considered as a key factor to improve the total cost of ownership. The equipment maintenance time is shortened, but it relies more on the administrative orders of the local government and the maintenance interval is extended. Simstructures, a maintenance support software with graphical and 3D simulation interface, provides easy to understand document support for the maintenance process and makes the maintenance accessibility of the motor visually demonstrated

all ABB Robot products can enjoy technical service support through ABB's robot global sales and service organizations in more than 100 locations in 53 countries around the world

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