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Two local standards have been approved to welcome the spring in the plastic optical fiber market. Recently, two local standards of Tangshan City in Hebei Province, technical requirements for the design and construction of communication plastic optical fiber generic cabling system and test and acceptance methods for communication plastic optical fiber generic cabling system, have passed the examination and approval of the standards examination and Approval Committee of Hebei Province. These two standards summarize the design, construction, test and acceptance experience of Hebei Communication plastic optical fiber generic cabling system project for many years, and indicate that there will be unified standards for the design, construction and acceptance of communication plastic optical fiber generic cabling system in the future. At the same time, it plays an important role in promoting the development of China's plastic optical fiber industry in the future. The contact pressure should be reduced as much as possible during measurement

the market awareness of the new upstart advantages of optical fiber needs to be improved

plastic optical fiber (POF) is an important member of the optical fiber family. Compared with the multi-component glass fiber and quartz fiber, which are widely used in traditional wiring, POF has the advantages of large diameter, light weight, excellent flexibility and excellent bending performance, easy processing and lower production cost. In some developed countries, plastic optical fiber is used as flame retardant PP, which is mainly used in black household appliances instead of copper Cat 5/6 wires and used in home networks. It is an affordable optical fiber. Telecommunications companies in Europe and North America and the European plastic optical fiber alliance have been testing plastic optical fibers. They believe that this medium has the advantages of easy installation, low price, flexibility and no damage to the naked eye. They hope to use it in a large number of domestic and commercial users

it is understood that plastic optical fiber is an emerging industry in China. The industry still has doubts about how to position plastic optical fiber, its loss, cost and industrial chain support. There is a lack of understanding of plastic optical fiber in the market. Generally, only quartz optical fiber is known. Wangyahui said. Although plastic optical fiber has many advantages, its recognition in the market is not high enough, and the production enterprises need to further promote it. Industry insiders pointed out that plastic optical fiber is a high-tech project in China, and some user departments are biased against plastic optical fiber. When financing, financial institutions are not familiar with the development trends of the industry and cannot accurately judge the market prospect of R & D projects. At the same time, the government's support for plastic optical fiber is not enough, and the introduction of the two standards can effectively make up for the lack of plastic optical fiber market

plastic optical fiber has broad development prospects. In the future, it may replace traditional optical fiber.

recently, operators and governments at all levels have also begun to pay attention to and support the development of plastic optical fiber industry. Some enterprises' products are in line with international advanced technology, and some research projects are in an international leading position. Wu Hequan, the leader of the three fusion expert group of the State Council and vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, publicly stated that the plastic optical fiber for communication can be freely installed like the category 5 line, and now it can realize the transmission of 100m 100m flow, which can replace the category 5 line as the indoor local wiring. Academician zhaozisen said in an interview: he is very optimistic about the market prospect of plastic optical fiber. The characteristics of plastic optical fiber make it capable of replacing category 5 cable or Wi-Fi, and also help operators build an end-to-end all-optical network and realize the three integration in the home environment

with the continuous progress of plastic optical fiber manufacturing technology and raw material preparation technology, the production cost of plastic optical fiber will continue to decrease; From the current development of lasers, optoelectronic integrated devices and connectors, domestic and international related technologies have made rapid progress. With the continuous expansion of the production scale, which is transformed into 0 ~ 5V electrical signals that can be received by a/d after linear amplification, it is believed that the cost of transmitting and receiving devices will be greatly reduced, making plastic optical fiber more advantageous in access communication. With so many advantages, plastic optical fiber may replace the traditional dielectric copper wire and become a new mainstream conductive medium in the future

at present, the application of plastic optical fiber system is becoming a global topic. Although the application of plastic optical fiber system in China started late, it ushered in the best opportunity. The introduction of the two local standards has accelerated the development of plastic optical fiber technology. It is believed that the plastic optical fiber market will usher in spring in the near future

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