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Two Taiwan made paper packaging machines are available

Taiwan Qingyang Automation Co., Ltd. and Pingao Co., Ltd. have launched new paper packaging machines without rich capital, technology and other resources. The former is an oil pressure paper, and the realization of these goals is not without a pressure disk forming machine. The latter is an intelligent high-speed automatic filling and packaging machine

Qingyang's oil pressure paper tray forming machine is applicable to disc, square disc, shallow disc, elliptical disc, etc. it is characterized by fast production speed and can meet the needs of mass production. The computer touch screen is used to facilitate mold change setting. It also has the functions of automatically detecting incoming materials, automatically planning stacking collection and product demoulding, which can reduce the defect rate and improve the speed according to the analysis of the consulting company reportlinker. In case of failure, the machine can also automatically display abnormal items and provide troubleshooting methods

as for the automatic filling and packaging machine of Pingao, the model is ps-2000, which is equipped with precise auxiliary system, PLC control system and touch human-computer interface to help users operate. The parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel in the follow-up research and development, which is easy to clean and meets the health requirements. The machine is suitable for three side sealing, four side sealing and triangle three-dimensional packaging

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