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Three dismantling machines and two idle for a long time

waste cars are piled up in a scrap car recycling and dismantling enterprise in the provincial capital, but the stock is greatly reduced compared with last year. The person in charge of the company said that in order to recover the funds, he would "no longer wait and see" and basically dismantle the car

cars are increasingly involved in people's lives. At present, the number of motor vehicles in Jinan has reached 2.26 million. Like people, vehicles also have a metabolic process. New cars will become old cars, and old cars will gradually become abandoned cars that can not be used on the road. Data show that in more than three months, nearly 12000 motor vehicles in Jinan have been forcibly scrapped. Where have all these scrapped vehicles gone

On October 29, the vehicle management office of Jinan traffic police detachment publicized the data of motor vehicles that have recently reached the mandatory scrapping standard through the official station of Jinan Public Security Bureau. Data show that a total of 5905 motor vehicles in the city have been forcibly scrapped recently

as early as August 6, more than three months ago, the vehicle management office of Jinan traffic police detachment publicized the data of compulsory scrapped motor vehicles through the official station of Jinan Public Security Bureau. At that time, 5680 motor vehicles were forcibly scrapped. In addition to the data published this time, nearly 12000 motor vehicles were forcibly scrapped in more than three months

according to the relevant person in charge of Jinan Municipal vehicle management office, these vehicles that have been publicized for mandatory scrapping can be divided into two situations. One is that some operating vehicles have the maximum service life according to the current regulations, and must go through the scrapping procedure after reaching the service life, but they have not taken the initiative to find a scrapped vehicle recycling enterprise to scrap them; The second is small vehicles. According to the current regulations, as long as the driving mileage is within 600000 km and the vehicles participate in the vehicle inspection on time, the scrapping period is not set, but they must participate in the inspection on time. Those who have not participated in the inspection for three consecutive vehicle review cycles are forced to scrap according to law

in this way, 12000 motor vehicles are forced to be scrapped in three months, and nearly 50000 motor vehicles are forced to be scrapped in 12 months a year. This figure will be even greater when the owner of the vehicle takes the initiative to find an enterprise to scrap. According to the data disclosed by the relevant person in charge of Jinan traffic police, at present, the number of motor vehicles in the city has reached 2.26 million, and still maintains a rapid growth. By the end of the year, the number of motor vehicles in Jinan is likely to exceed 2.3 million. It is conceivable that the data of end-of-life vehicles will also increase every year in the future

where do so many scrapped cars go? It is undeniable that some car owners seek economic benefits by reselling vehicles that meet the scrapping standards to repair shops, relatives and friends, and some car owners leave their vehicles at home. However, most of the vehicles will eventually go to the recycling enterprises recognized by the commercial department for dismantling according to law

it is learned that there are two end-of-life vehicle recycling enterprises recognized by the commercial department in Jinan. One is Shandong Huajia resources comprehensive utilization Co., Ltd. and the other is Jinan Quanhui materials Recycling Co., Ltd. Vehicle owners who meet the scrapping standards can contact the two enterprises to pick up their vehicles and legally scrap and disassemble the vehicles. The enterprise will provide free door-to-door trailer service and give the owner a subsidy of 200 yuan per ton. That is to say, when a vehicle is dismantled and scrapped by a scrapping enterprise, no matter what brand or model, it will be weighed by the scrapping enterprise, and a subsidy of 200 yuan per ton will be given, and no other subsidy will be given

known as the "sunrise industry"

however, it has entered the "trough"

according to the regulations, all vehicles must go through the scrapping procedures of legal scrapped vehicle recycling enterprises. According to this logic, today's rapidly growing number of motor vehicles also indicates a huge market for other scrapped vehicle recycling enterprises. Based on this, many years ago, someone called the end-of-life vehicle recycling industry "sunrise industry"

however, in the last twoorthree years, this "sunrise industry" has had a difficult time. "It can be said that the last twoorthree years have been at a low point." Zhaoqingdong, manager of Shandong Huajia resources comprehensive utilization Co., Ltd., introduced that now the scrapping industry still needs to borrow money to do the car recycling industry. The profit is meager, so it can only barely support and wait for tomorrow

as far as car owners are concerned, as long as a recycling enterprise comes to the site to tow them, they don't even have to go to the site, and the recycling enterprise will handle all the scrapping, cancellation and other procedures on behalf of them. For enterprises, the first thing to pull back a scrapped vehicle is to 3. Result evaluation: if the two samples are not broken or have no broken lines, they should be treated harmlessly first, and the waste engine oil, three-way catalyst, battery, electronic capacitor accessories, etc. on the vehicle should be removed, then the five major assemblies of the vehicle (engine, steering gear, transmission, front and rear axles, frame) should be broken under the supervision of the vehicle management institute, and finally the vehicle should be disassembled

the profit of vehicle recycling enterprises mainly lies in the recycling of waste steel. However, in the past two to three years, the price of waste steel has been low, especially in the first two years. The whole industry is at a low point, so it is not too much to use "cold winter" to describe it

7 in the morning, I came to Shandong Huajia resources comprehensive utilization Co., Ltd. near Meili Lake in the west of Jinan. Although there are still various kinds of cars stacked on both sides of the roads in the yard, the scene of busy traffic and disassembling vehicles is much worse than before, and the huge yard seems very quiet. Last autumn, I visited here and saw a large number of scrapped cars with five major assemblies destroyed piled up. At that time, the person in charge of the company once explained that 2. The double headed expert said that a large number of cars were piled up first because the steel price was too low. Today, the site is no longer the spectacular scene of last year. Compared with last year, the stock of scrapped cars in the site is reduced by at least 70%

"last year, I wanted to wait and see and wait for the price to rise. Now I don't wait. Basically, I just dismantle the car when it comes." Zhaoqingdong said that the accumulation of a large number of vehicles has potential safety hazards and takes up funds. In order to recover funds, the practice of hoarding has been changed. Not only the incoming materials are dismantled, but also the previously stored vehicles are gradually dismantled

low profit, "insufficient raw materials"

disassembly enterprises "do not have enough to eat"

the plight faced by Shandong Huajia is not an example. It is found that the media all over the country have many reports about the "cold winter" of scrapped vehicle recycling enterprises

two major problems are faced by recycling enterprises. One is that the price of waste steel is low, and the main disassembled product waste steel cannot be sold. In addition, the site cost, trailer cost and labor cost are high, and the enterprise's profit is meager; Second, the car owners' enthusiasm for scrapping is not high, and the recycling manufacturers "do not have enough to eat"

"this year, Jinan has subsidies for national III standard diesel vehicles scrapped in advance, so the recycling situation is better than last year." Zhaoqingdong said that the same situation also occurred a few years ago when yellow standard cars were encouraged to be eliminated. However, if there is no policy subsidy, the initiative of car owners to scrap their vehicles is not high

the reason is not difficult to understand. According to the current subsidy standard, the subsidy for a car is about 400 yuan, which is far lower than the expectation of the owner at the end of the experiment. Many people would rather sell their cars to relatives and friends and transfer them to the countryside for further use than scrap them

as a result, recycling enterprises face the problems of low profits and insufficient "raw materials". Taking Shandong Huajia as an example, there are three automatic disassembly machines in the yard, and each machine can complete the disassembly of a vehicle in less than half an hour. Since the beginning of this year, only 8100 vehicles have been dismantled at the site. Two of the three dismantling machines have been in a state of shutdown for many years. It is sufficient to use only one machine. Zhaoqingdong frankly said that for them, even a further three times increase in the number of existing disassembly is enough

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