The hottest PE market has limited firm offer, and

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The PE market has limited firm offer. The PP market quotation is scarce.

the PE American car carbon fiber composite market will reach 327.8 billion yen (about 17.1 billion yuan). The gold market is quiet, the merchants' shipping mentality is general, there are not many active bidders, most of them follow the market, few buyers, a small number of offer prices are low, buyers are not eager to ship, and there is little heard of the firm offer. LLDPE is quoted in USD/ton, HDPE film material is quoted in 1, for example, USD/ton, LDPE is quoted in USD/ton

PP the US dollar market is in a situation of price but no market, and some businesses have suspended their quotations today. Most of the only quotations maintain a strong situation and it is difficult to conclude a deal. The market quotation of homopolymerization is USD/ton, and the market price of copolymerization is USD/ton in zigzag experiment (ASTM D790, d6272 and ISO178)

ps dollar market offer basically stabilized, with Taiwan chemical 5250 at $1525/ton and 8250 at $1710/ton. Sinopec Thailand reported $1510/ton at 150 and $171 at 650 × 20 dollars/ton

the decline of crude oil and high prices have cooled the atmosphere of the spot market. The early rise may come to an end. Whether the future market can continue to rise depends on the resumption of downstream factories. Before there is more positive, the market is expected to show narrow fluctuations and moderate consolidation

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