The hottest PE market rose slightly, and the price

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Some PE markets rose slightly, and PP market prices shook slightly

HSBC China's manufacturing data in may once caused the international crude oil to fall sharply. However, poor U.S. economic data caused the dollar to fall, which led to a sharp rebound in international oil prices. Domestic LLDPE futures closed higher and closed in a narrow range, with little intraday fluctuation and a late rise of 0 But it is not about 9% of a powerful country. Today, the trading atmosphere in the PE dollar market remained stable, and the mainstream offer was large, stable and small. Some can ask professionals to quickly eliminate the faults, and the price of varieties increased slightly by $10/ton. Due to the rise of petrochemical pricing at the beginning of the month, market confidence tends to stabilize, and optimism for the future market has increased. Although the current market price has risen. 1. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source to a relatively high level, driven by the strong trend of RMB price, the price of some imported materials with dominant cost is still rising slowly

the international oil price rose, the domestic plastic futures fluctuated and consolidated after the high opening, and the market mentality was stable. Today, the market price of PP dollars fluctuated little, and merchants continued to advance and ship goods. The firm offer is negotiable. The market inquiry was enthusiastic, the buyers were cautious in covering positions, and the firm offer transaction was slightly deadlocked. Reference quotation: the homopolymer price is USD/ton, and the copolymerization price is USD/ton

the market inquiry is mainly based on the appropriate replenishment of positions by traders and the rigid demand of a small number of factories, and the overall transaction is general. At present, the intention of petrochemicals to raise prices is clear. As an international chemical giant, Johnson Matthey is not weak. The price is expected to fluctuate at a relatively high level this week. Businesses can pay attention to the pricing trend of petrochemicals

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