The hottest PE market in Asia continues to rise

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PE market in Asia continues to rise

as Formosa Plastics 2 ethylene plant began to stop for maintenance on the 7th, Formosa Plastics Company is located in the following to briefly introduce the precautions in the use of the lower pendulum impact tester: the load of Mai Liao's PE device is reduced to 50%. Due to the 45 day shutdown and overhaul of the optimal ethylene plant, the PE plant of Petron in Malaysia lost its source of raw materials and has been shut down for 18-20 days since February 3. Affected by plant maintenance and abnormal shutdown, ethylene prices continued to rise. Naphtha prices closed at $348/ton in c+f Japan on Monday, up sharply by $43.50/ton. Chinese users have returned to the market after the festival and are actively making inquiries. Affected by the naphtha and ethylene bull market, it took 11 The price of PE increased due to the increased interest of Timken experimental machine and Chinese traders

ldpe: the price rises by $30/ton. A Chinese trader purchased 1000 tons of goods from the second half of February to the first half of March in batches at a price of 720 US dollars/ton. The quotation of the manufacturer: 730 US dollars/ton CFR for Taiwan, 750 US dollars/ton CFR for China/Southeast Asia and the Middle East in March. The domestic price in China is 7800 yuan/ton, which is equivalent to 690 US dollars/ton

hdpe: the price rose by USD/ton, but the transaction was flat. For membrane grade goods in February/March, the quotation of 2000 tons of different batches of products from Taiwan manufacturers is $700/ton CFR China/Southeast Asia; The quotation of South Korea and Singapore is 700 US dollars/ton, and it needs to be revised frequently. The turnover is not large, mainly due to the low price of Middle East producers, who are said to have sold out the goods in February, but did not quote the price of goods in March. The market price in China is 7300 US dollars/ton, which is equivalent to 640 US dollars/ton. The price in India is relatively low, and the price in February/March is USD/ton CFR West Asia

lldpe: the price rose sharply by $50/ton, mainly due to China's increased interest in purchasing and the arrival of the agricultural demand season in March. A Chinese trader bought 1500 tons of different batches of goods in February/March at the price of 700 dollars/ton CFR. Taiwan is the common choice of global automobile manufacturers. The manufacturer's quotation is 720 US dollars/ton CFR China/Southeast Asia. However, the transaction is relatively stable, and the prices in the Middle East are more competitive. They have sold the products in February when the demand was strong before the Chinese new year, and the products in March will be sold next week. The price in China is 7400 yuan/ton, which is equivalent to 656 dollars/ton

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