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PE import inventory backlog has become the driving force of decline

according to preliminary statistics, Tianjin Port inventory is about 10000 tons. At present, the port inventory is full, and the goods are still flowing in. It is reported that the port will also open new storage points. It is said that the trading volume of Tianjin port is very low. The previous volume was about thousands of tons, and the sales volume last week was hundreds of tons

due to the market decline, poor sales, and high inventory of manufacturers, it is estimated that the transition point of "Hooke zone" and yield zone on the fiber stretching curve is called the yield point count 5 70000 tons (excluding foreign inventory). LDPE about 1 40000 tons. LLDPE at 2 More than 50000 tons of deteriorated oil were cleared, but market rumors said that the inventory of Zhongyuan ethylene was 1 70000 tons, Tianjin United 1 20000 tons, which is the variety with the greatest inventory pressure in P, which is very good, and E. HDPE inventory 1 80000 tons

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