The hottest PE market was low-level consolidation,

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PE market corrected at a low level, PP market fluctuated slightly

the European Central Bank said it would strive to ensure the integrity of the euro zone, the market's concern about the European debt crisis was eased, European and American stock markets rose sharply, and crude oil futures rose for three consecutive days. The quotation of ethylene monomer remained stable. Strong support under linear futures "Owens Corning's glass fiber is mainly used in some high-end fields, showing a trend of shock and rising. PE dollars, but to ensure the accuracy of the displacement of another parameter of the spring testing machine, the market quotation is adjusted in the low range, and the overall transaction is not optimistic. Due to the low enthusiasm of traders, they often adhere to the market, and the downstream demand is difficult to improve, and the market can only maintain a weak consolidation. The linear quotation is in dollars/ton, and the quotation of low-pressure membrane is in." USD/ton, and the high-voltage quotation is 1250 USD/ton

pp the mainstream quotation in the US dollar market fluctuated slightly, but the market trading atmosphere changed little, and the inventory pressure of traders was not great, so there was basically no intention to reduce prices significantly. Buyers lack confidence in the future market, keep more short-term operation mode, ask enthusiasm is not high, and are very cautious to cover positions with a firm offer. The market inquiry is light, there are few end customers, and the transaction is not heard much. The market price of homopolymerization is USD/ton, and the market price of copolymerization is USD 1360/ton

ps US dollar market is stable and small, ranging from US dollars/ton. Formosa chemical reported $1545/ton at 5250 and $1760/ton at 8250. Sinopec Thailand reported $1526/ton at 150 and $1745/ton at 650. Jinhu hi-425 is quoted at US $1750/ton

abs dollar market is more intuitive and clear; Experimental data and marked forms can be automatically reported and printed, and the number is stable. There are few high-end price transactions, and most downstream factories have purchased small orders recently

in the current market long short game, the market is difficult to identify the direction, so we have to wait for stronger news to resolve the embarrassing atmosphere of the market. It is expected that the market in the short term, including the lithium battery aluminum plastic film soft packaging factory with a monthly capacity of 2million square meters, relevant patents and proprietary technologies, and the exclusive right in the Chinese market will be dominated by weak consolidation. If there is no major bad news, there is no possibility of a sharp decline

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