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PE market remains deadlocked. PP market transactions are flat. 1. Overall overview:

[external market observation] as of 15:00 on July 26, China's plastic price index rose 6.07 to 1059.74 points, and China's plastic spot index rose 3.26 to 1232.82 points

linear futures rose significantly, driven by the rise of petrochemicals. In the afternoon, the PE US dollar market continued to rise, and merchants' quotations continued to rise. Middlemen had both wait-and-see and inquiry psychology for the current rise, and they negotiated more transactions

although crude oil fell slightly, today the domestic petrochemical industry rose across the board, raising the market atmosphere. Merchants continued to raise the PP market price, and the bullish mentality was unprecedented. However, buyers were more cautious, the inquiry situation did not improve, and the transaction was rarely heard

ps US dollar market atmosphere was quiet, the offer was mainly stable, and some benzene modified materials fell slightly by US dollars/ton. The market is in a strong wait-and-see mood, and the transaction is slightly light

some prices in the ABS US dollar market rose US $per ton, the market search atmosphere was acceptable, merchants were reluctant to sell at a low price, the transaction was weak, and the downstream demand was still poor

II. Overview of the market:

Saudi tasnee low pressure film material f455, with traders offering us $1420/ton, at sight, CFR China's main port, shipment in August

Saudi Sumitomo linear fs253s, with traders offering us $1410/ton, spot, Shanghai bonded warehouse

Iran high pressure lf0190, with traders offering us $1620/ton, at sight, CFR main port, shipping date in August

Thailand PTT low-pressure wire drawing 5000S, with traders offering us $1470/ton, spot, CFR Qingdao, shipment in August

Canada linear 0218d, with traders offering $1400/ton, l/c90 days, Tianjin bonded warehouse

Nordic chemical homopolymer injection molding hmr100, with traders offering $1580/ton, the application of spot single-chip microcomputer not only greatly reduced the equipment cost, but also Ningbo bonded warehouse

III. Trend Outlook:

the PE dollar market continues to show an atmosphere of rising prices. While the price is driven up by the good news of the market, downstream factories say that it is difficult to accept the current price. Middlemen only take goods at low prices, and the source of goods at high prices is also rejected thousands of miles away. Today's market uses electronic universal testing machines to continuously stretch rubber products with or without cuts at the specified speed. The main role is the upstream market, and the resistance of downstream factories will aggravate the situation of price without market in the short term. It is expected that tomorrow's market transaction will be difficult, and businesses will pay timely attention to the impact of petrochemical and futures changes

today, the quotation of most merchants in the PP US dollar market increased, and some merchants decreased by 1.76 PCT month on month. However, although the trading atmosphere was active, the market transaction was still flat, the cautious attitude of merchants was not reduced, and they had doubts about the high offer. There were obvious signs of speculation, and there were not many transactions heard. It is expected that the market will still be dominated by high-level shocks tomorrow, and there is still a possibility of rise

ABS2. The market trend of new energy vehicle material production and utilization platform/ps is stable. The market continues to be stable under the support of tight goods and upstream costs, with some adjustments. The downstream market demand is weak, and it is expected that the short-term market will still be mainly adjusted

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