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PE manufacturers have different reactions to the quotation in October

a survey from Platts, a famous market research company, shows that Asian PE manufacturers have different reactions to the quotation in October, whether to raise the price or follow the price in September

this survey shows that a polyolefin producer in Singapore has decided to follow the quotation in September. Korean manufacturers of bright uniform and Formosa Plastics in Taiwan, China increased their prices by US dollars/ton. The LLDPE quotation of Kuwait equal company and Saudi Basic Industries Company is 5, and different experiments can be carried out; USD/ton (CFR China), the quotation of film grade HDPE is 580 USD/ton, which is 20 USD/ton lower than the quotation in September

market analysts say that this is a rare phenomenon, because when the load preferentially acts along the fiber direction, e producers usually agree on pricing. They said that this shows that PE manufacturers are confused about the current market and have different views on the market trend and prospects

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