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PE market atmosphere is depressed, PP market is short of buying gas

I. overall overview:

[external market observation] as of 15:00 on August 9, China's plastic price index fell 17.88 to 1029.72 points, and China's plastic spot index fell 5.24 points to 1235.24 points

crude oil continued to suffer heavy losses, and linear futures fell by the limit at the opening. In the afternoon, the PE dollar market atmosphere was depressed and the trading was gloomy. Merchants' enthusiasm for quotation and inquiry was suppressed, and the wait-and-see atmosphere was filled, and transactions were rare

crude oil plummeted, market confidence was seriously frustrated, plastic futures fell to the limit at the opening, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the PP market was extremely strong, traders' enthusiasm for shipping fell to the freezing point, few bidders, buyers almost disappeared, and the transaction was unheard of

the peripheral economic environment continued to be depressed, and the PS US dollar market quotation continued to decline US dollars/ton. The wait-and-see atmosphere is mostly, the buying is general, the transaction is light, and the business is cautious

abs dollar market fell by about $20/ton, with insufficient market confidence and cold transactions. The intention of end users to enter the site is weak

II. Overview of the market:

Malaysia Datang high pressure coating class 801yy, with traders offering us $1780/ton, at sight, CFR Ningbo, loaded with tight experimental ships in August

Saudi SABIC linear 218w, offer $1370/ton, l/c90 days, Shanghai bonded warehouse

Iran hollow 5200b, with a trader's quotation of 1380 US dollars/ton, l/c90 days, CFR Shanghai, shipment in August

Brazil Braskem high pressure coating grade f7018, with traders' quotation of 1780 US dollars/ton, l/c90 days, China's main port, and shipment at the end of August

Korea Hanhua linear 3305, with traders offering $1370/ton, spot, Shanghai bonded warehouse

India Xincheng injection molding h200ma, with traders offering us $1580/ton, spot, Ningbo bonded warehouse

Singapore PCs Petrochemical plans to restart the No.2 naphtha cracking unit located in Fort ayamo, Palau, at the end of August, with a design capacity of 655000 tons/year of ethylene and 350000 tons/year of propylene

the Middle East supplier ships PP all offer at 1610 US dollars/ton, with a total of 1640 US dollars/ton. The transparent 1770 interferes with and even destroys the electronic universal testing machine US dollars/ton. At sight, CFR China main port, shipment in August

III. Trend Outlook:

pe dollar market merchants are helpless about the limit of linear futures falling again. The enthusiasm for shipping is low, and the price falls again and again, which is still difficult to attract more buyers to the market. Some businesses choose to be forced to rest and wait for the reversal of the market. Crude oil and linear futures rebounded slightly in the afternoon, and there were occasional inquirers in the market, but the counter-offer price was too low and the transaction was difficult. It is expected that there will be no large rebound in the short term, but the market is slowly digesting the bad news and is expected to gradually stabilize and consolidate

in the PP dollar market today, merchants' enthusiasm for shipping has almost disappeared, there are few offers, the market wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, it is difficult to find buyers, there is a lack of buying gas, and the transaction has not been heard. After the continuous sharp decline of crude oil, the market confidence has been very fragile. The sharp decline of futures also puts pressure on the spot market, and the mentality of merchants is chaotic. Although the mentality of the market rebounded slightly after the rebound of the stock market and futures in the afternoon, the weak trend is basically formed as a single-layer fabric. Most merchants tend to be cautious about the outlook, and it is expected that the market trend will maintain a weak and volatile pattern in the short term

abs/p it can't be said that the quotation for the production of 2XXX series and 7xxx series alloy s in the market continues to decline, the merchants are cautious in trading, the wait-and-see mood is strong, the market inquiry atmosphere is cold, the transaction is slightly light, the demand of downstream enterprises is weak, and it is expected to be dominated by short-term or narrow range shocks

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