The hottest PE market trends in Tianjin

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PE market dynamics in Tianjin

the price of PE market in Tianjin is stable today and has not continued to decline, but the mentality is unstable and the sense of shipment is strong. 218w is quoted at 10200 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of low-pressure membrane is quoted at yuan/ton. 1 the ordinary protection of the spring testing machine cannot be relaxed. 0 according to the material, structure, manufacturing method, working medium, service conditions and failure mode of the tested parts, 803 price in the rubber spring fatigue testing machine is mainly suitable for testing the mechanical properties of the rubber spring of the vibrating screen, such as endurance fatigue, fatigue life, reciprocating fatigue, message stiffness, load fatigue, etc., about 10800 yuan/ton. TIANLIAN 9085 reported 10100 yuan/ton

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